Book a seat reservation

Name of Pass

Make sure that the selected class of service matches the one which is mentioned on your rail pass.

While a Rail Pass is the most efficient way to travel extensively, it should be accompanied by a reservation. If you already have a Rail Pass, you can buy the reservation separately.

Who can buy a reservation?
Only Pass holders i.e passengers who have already bought a Rail Pass, can book and purchase a reservation.

Why book a reservation?
If you are planning to travel on board a high speed, scenic or night train in Europe, a reservation is needed in most cases. The reservation is used in conjunction with your Rail Pass and thus guarantees a physical seat, couchette or sleeper depending on the type of train. The price of a Rail Pass does not include a reservation.

Why book it online?
Benefit from the best prices when booking well in advance. avoid stress, unpleasant surprises (full trains with unavailable seats during peak and holiday periods), long queues at the station and language problems with the rail official. Don't forget to book a reservation in the same travel class mentioned on your Rail Pass.