This year make Europe your own, and make your own Europe with Eurail! Take the journey that you have always wanted to take, see the places that you have never seen, or re-visit cities filled with memories! The Eurail passes make it (possible and easy) to choose the countries that appeal to you the most. Discover the complete offer of Eurail passes, also known as Eurorail).

The Eurail National Pass centres on one country among 19 destinations across Europe. The Eurail Select pass allows travel in 4 adjoining countries. The Eurail Regional Pass gives you access to one of 26 regions. The Eurail Global Pass allows unlimited travel in 24 Eurail countries.

More than a rail pass, a Eurail pass includes a complete travel planner service thanks to the Free Travel Package available in 5 languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

Whatever the Eurail pass you book with us, you will receive a complimentary Eurail pack including a Traveller’s Guide, a European railway map and the Eurail Pass Timetable with the major schedules of European trains

Over and above this range of choice, each Eurail (Eurorail) pass also offers extra bonuses bringing reduced prices on travel and access to cultural venues.


The Eurail Global Pass is considered by many to be the easiest way to travel within Europe. Traditionally, it is the most popular pass among the Eurorail complete offer. The Eurail Global Pass offers unlimited rail travel across 24 destinations in Europe so that you live a unique experience of travel! The Eurail Global Pass offers all the ease and convenience of rail travel, combined with the freedom to visit 24 countries. The Eurail Global Pass is still the best option to discover the whole of Europe and grasp its culture, history and geography. Discover all the frontiers of Europe, and push back the frontiers of your mind!

Eurail (Eurorail) has tailor-made formulas especially for non-European resident travellers. Your Eurail Global Pass also gives you access to reduced cost travel bonuses so that your European dream can become a reality!

The Eurail Global Pass gives you unlimited rail travel in the participating 24 Eurail countries

AustriaBulgariaCzech RepublicFranceHungaryLuxemburgPortugalSpain

Liechtenstein and Monaco are respectively considered part of Austria and France
(Leichtenstein and Monaco are considered part of Austria and France respectively)


Another possible choice is the Eurail Select Pass which gives you access to unlimited rail travel on the national rail networks of any 4 adjoining European countries that are connected by train or ship. Countries can be chosen from amongst the 26 countries involved in the offer.

Target your journey to a specific part of Europe, and Eurorail will again help you to get the best out of Europe!

As for all the Eurorail passes (Eurail Passes), benefit from the bonuses which will bring you discounted travel and cultural access, and open up a whole new realm of possibilities.

The chosen countries must be next to one another, and be linked by a direct (not through another country) train or shipping line which is part of the existing Eurail offer. Some of the trains may transit through a country not covered by the pass. In that case an additional ticket must be purchased.

List of participating countries:

AustriaBenelux (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg)*Bulgaria
Czech RepublicDenmarkFrance

For more details on each tour you can refer to the Eurail Select Pass information page


Boarding a train with a Eurail Regional Pass is another great way for non – European residents to optimize their travel within Europe, but this time with a larger more Regional angle. You will benefit from Eurorail’s wide network of high speed and local trains, providing a unique travel experience and giving you time to learn about European regional cultures in more depth.

Find below exciting Eurail regional rail Passes (Eurorail) especially selected for you and discover Europe seen from a Regional angle – with all its specialities and local flavours! Once again, each region can be the start of a new voyage of discovery thanks to the special conditions and bonuses that are available with the Eurail passes.


It allows you unlimited travel on the national rail network of your chosen country, so that you can take your time, and enjoy an in-depth visit. Afterwards, you will be able to say that you really know the country, its cooking, its culture and its natives well!

Also known as Eurorail pass, the Eurail One Country Rail Pass is a very good way for non-European residents to discover Europe. This pass can be the starting point of a bigger journey, because of the Eurail bonus system with its other reduced travel offers. The Eurail National Pass makes you begin the journey of a lifetime!


All of the Eurail passes give you extra benefits known as bonuses. These bonuses offer unique advantages such as discounts on train networks, urban transport and hotels, reduced ferry and bus fares and inexpensive access to museums, making it simple to fully appreciate the landmarks and culture of your chosen countries. Eurail passes offer you good value, keeping you on or under budget and help you live your European dream to the full!

For a full list of bonuses, please refer to the EURAIL map, traveller’s guide or visit each country’s page on our website. You will find all the details you need!

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