Getting there

You can get to Amiens from Rang du fliers, Boulogne and Rue. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 01:06 AU$ 16
From Calais 01:49 AU$ 39
From Etaples 01:03 AU$ 24
From Rang Du Fliers 00:53 AU$ 23
From Boulogne 01:21 AU$ 16
From Rue 00:47 AU$ 18
From Creil 00:41 AU$ 21
From Albert 00:19 AU$ 15
From Breteuil Embranch 00:25 AU$ 15
From Abbeville 00:27 AU$ 15
From St Just En Chauss 00:28 AU$ 15
From Villers Bretonneux 00:11 AU$ 15

Getting around

From Amiens, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Villers Bretonneux 00:11 AU$ 15
To Albert 00:31 AU$ 15
To Breteuil Embranch 00:39 AU$ 15
To Abbeville 00:45 AU$ 15
To St Just En Chauss 00:59 AU$ 15
To Rue 03:18 AU$ 18
To Rang Du Fliers 03:28 AU$ 23
To Creil 03:45 AU$ 23
To Boulogne 03:59 AU$ 31
To Paris 04:02 AU$ 32
To Etaples 04:05 AU$ 39
To Calais 04:27 AU$ 40

Amiens city guide

Amiens, a very attractive northern France city

Sometimes called the "Little Northern Venice" because of its canals, Amiens is a 134.000 inhabitants city located in the North of France. In the middle of the Paris-London-Brussels triangle, it is a one of the most attractive city of the country.

There is a lot to see in Amiens and around once you come by train. In the city, explore the amazing cathedral Notre Dame, dating back to the 12th century.

Its remarkable volumes, statues and stained glass windows will thrill you. Another unavoidable of the city is the Jules Verne’s house. The great author lived here at the end of the 19th century. Stroll along the streets of the old St Leu area, a pleasant place to find shops, buy souvenirs and to relax on a café’s terrrace.

You can also visit the Museum of Picardie (name of this part of France), in which you will discover archeological, medieval and fine Arts collections.

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Customer reviews

"Trip to the Western Front"

We were nervous about this journey as it fell in the midst of a train strike. We managed to still get on the trains that we intended and had a swift trip to Ameins from Paris and back. Arranging the tickets over the internet and having them emailed to us made it all seamless. Thank you  

"Family Train Trip To Amiens"

  Shane p.  04/11/2013
Excellent trip on the way to Amiens, great way to see the beautiful French countryside and not expensive at all. The only downside is the trip back from Amiens to Paris was very full and despite there being odd spare seats nobody would move to allow even the children to sit together, fortunately this was only for about half the journey distance.Overall though a great way to travel at speed and see the real countryside without spending a fortune.  

"Paris Nord to Amiens"

  Mary-anne b.  04/10/2013
excellent service; was a crowded early trian (think the uni students were returning to Amiens after summer holidays) but all were well behaved and I had the advantage of reserved seat. Possibly because the train was very full, it was a bit late leaving Paris Nord; this resulted in me missing the train to Villers Bretonneux by about 1 minute!! However the staff at Amiens station provided a voucher for a taxi to Villers- great service and really appreciated (there were an older Austalian couple who had also missed the connection so I took them with me as well- they were eqully impressed with this fantastic service) Return trip was also very good- left on time, clean and very comfortable train. What I especially liked was the no mobile phone policy-very considerate for those travellers who want to rest, to read, to gaze out the window without the yakety yak of mobile phone users!!! I would definintely use the train (especially in France) when next I travel to Europe.  

"Paris to Amiens"

  Sari j.  01/10/2013
I travelled on the Paris to Amiens train and returnon 3rd September. It was an excellent service, punctual, comfortable and good value for money. i travelled first class which I recommend to all travellers if you book early enought o get a good price. The facillities at both stations were clean and well appointed.  

"Travel to Paris"

  Helen r.  21/09/2013
Travelled from Amiens to Paris on 11/9/13, found the trip very comfortable