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Antibes, where fun goes with sun

Ideally located on the Mediterranean sea, Antibes is a little city of the south of France. It has a long story to count, and a lot of tourists come every year to hear it and to enjoy the so famous Côte d’Azur.

About France

From the gallo roman period, Antibes kept some remains, here and there. Among them, head Clemenceau street, and find, in the garden of the presbytere, some ruins of an old villa.

To learn more about Antiquity in Antibes, go the archeological museum. If you are a sweet tooth, visit the provencal market and feast your nose with the sweetest fragrances! Enjoy the view from the unavoidable "Fort carré", overlooking the sea.

Finally, stroll along the coastline path from the Garoupe’s beach and you will be following the smuggler way! If you are with kids, do not miss Marineland, the aquatic amusement park, the whole family will love it!

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    "The service was fantastic - we got basically a direct TGV from Aix to Paris, I think the trip took 3 hours . If we have taken a plane from Nice to Paris and then had to get to the CBD the train would be at least and hour quicker. I also notice the staff on the train were very pleasant and nothing was an issue, "We'll be back"!! "

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    "Recently spent a month travelling around France "

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    "The TGV is efficient and easy to use. "

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    "our first encounter with the staff at Antibes was unpleasant, but the help and assistance from a porter made the start of our journey wonderful. What a joy it is travelling along the Mediterranean by train. Between Antibes and Toulon our carriage was sparsely populated, at Toulon it was jammed! The refreshments area was poorly staffed and the wait for service much too long. that being said, the server was a delight and the food acceptable for coach, but we were in first class. I took great delight when the speed increased, and arriving in central Paris was so much better than fighting your way our of an airport, an hour away. We WILL travel by high speed train again. "