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Antwerpen, a precious and gleaming city

About Benelux

Getting there You can get to Antwerp from Brugge, Lille and Rotterdam. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 02:02 AU$46
From Amsterdam 01:12 AU$46
From Brussels 00:35 AU$17
From Brugge 01:18 AU$33
From Lille 01:21 AU$41
From Rotterdam 00:32 AU$46
From Liege 02:10 AU$36
From Ostend 01:34 AU$38
From Hasselt 01:08 AU$26
From Ghent 00:50 AU$23
From Roosendal 00:30 AU$10

Getting around From Antwerp, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Roosendal 00:49 AU$10
To Dordrecht 00:58 AU$53
To Leuven 01:00 AU$17
To Hasselt 01:08 AU$26
To Brussels 01:20 AU$17
To Ghent 01:35 AU$23
To Ostend 01:45 AU$38
To Rotterdam 02:03 AU$26
To Liege 02:14 AU$36
To Brugge 02:21 AU$33
To Eindhoven 02:54 AU$35
To Amsterdam 03:12 AU$42
To Lille 03:19 AU$65
To Paris 05:05 AU$57

While you're there

Visit Antwerp to discover this fashionably trendy city. Antwerp has always been boosting with creativity and was home to great artists such as Rubens and Anthony Van Dyck.

Surely don’t miss the Rubens House, and of course the Cathedral of Our Lady where some of Rubens’ masterpieces adorn the walls. But even today Antwerp is a hotbed of creativity: stroll through the fashion quarter, and see new design talent at work, or find yourself a unique piece that genuinely reflects your personality. Winding down after some excessive shopping, head down to the riverside: the old quays at “Het Eilandje” are a place to see and be seen…

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Antwerp can be found.


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Customer reviews

  • "Fast and convenient"    
    This is the only way to travel between European cities. And RailEurope made it super easy, especially with your own Travel Book that included your train information, station information with maps and information on your destination. Highly recommend.  
  • "Good trip"    
    Our train had a lot of travellers on it with a lot of luggage however there were attendants on board who helped us put our heavy luggage in the racks. As the train went through to Brussels and we were getting off in Antwerpen needed to allow time to get our luggage ready before the station.  
  • "Quick Trip"    
    Whilst only half an hour this trip was on time and comfortable. I would certainly recommend the rail network to travel.  
  • "Connecting was difficult!"    
    The train trip itself was great. But connecting from Paris Nord to Paris Montpenasse for this trip was near impossible. We were only provided with this option when buying tickets through Rail Plus Australia (ie 50 mins to connect between one station to the other). Even with pre-research, experience of the Paris metro, a good level of fitness and metro tickets in hand we only just made it (48 mins). Very stressful!. We seriously do not know how others successfully make this connection in the available time. (Taxi was not an option - would have been slower as it was peak hour.) Also, when we asked for advice at Antwerpen they inaccurately said the connection could be achieved in 20 mins.  
  • "Great way to travel"    
    This was a convenient, safe and easy going way to travel to Paris.  
  • "Easy Street"    
    Surprisingly convenient, an easy way to travel  
  • "Bit of a clumsy trip"    
    I booked this ticket and then realised that you had to disembark at Lille in order to get to Antwerp - a bit awkward with luggage and not well explained etc. So initially asked some other travellers who gave me incorrect information so luckily checked with information desk about when the train was arriving etc. Rather book a direct train. Also the elevator was not working so very difficult to get to the platform if you have lots of luggage.  
  • "Excellent Service"    
    Fantastic service on a high class train. Very happy and will travel again.  
  • " Seniors"    
    Being in our seventies no barrier to rail travel due to excellent service  
  • "Homeward bound"    
    The only way for business travel in Europe - train. Train arrived on time in Antwerpen, left on time, and arrived at Schiphol on time with only a short walk to check in. Brilliant! Comfortable seats and attentive staff!  
  • "Great Train Ride"    
    My elderly mother, sister and I used this train to return to Paris. It was very relaxing and much simpler than having to fly. Bathrooms could be improved though.  
  • "Great Train Trip"    
    My mother, sister and I recently traveled from Paris to Antwerp on a peak hour train. Although it was more costly than our return trip it was still a pleasure to use this direct train and made the trip so much easier. I would only suggest that the bathroom facilities be upgraded somewhat as they were not very appealing to use.  
  • "comfortable and easy "    
    great way of getting to your destination, the seats were very comfortable, carriage nice and quiet and the train was on time.  
  • "Bit disappointing"    
    Unfortunately the trip Antwerp to Lille was a bit of a nightmare - no bookings possible for seats, no luggage space and terribly overcrowded. Would not take this train again  
  • "Great trip"    
    Excellent trip - very comfortable, plenty of luggage space running perfectly to time. A great journey  
  • 0 15