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Arles, between art and history

80 km away from Marseille, you will find the southern city of Arles, in France. At the heart of the wild and splendid Camargue region, this little 50.000 inhabitants town mainly lived thanks to tourism, you will soon understand why.

About France

Arles has the "ville d’art et d’histoire" label (city of art and history) and totally deserves it.

The roman remains are Unesco listed and among the ruins of Antiquity, you should head the unavoidable theater, which is the most important remain of this period. If you are an archeology lover, you will also find around the city the 2nd century arena and so much more! If you prefer Midle Ages, from the abbey of Montmajour to the episcopal district, you will have a lot to see. Arles is also full of renaissance and classical buildings.

The great painter Van Gogh is also linked to Arles, what about following his path?

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  • Value for money
    Arles to Marseille |
    "We were a party of four over 60yo's travelling around France by train. They are of varying degrees of comfort and cleanliness. Depending on how fast you wanted to get any where was how much you paid. We were not in any hurry so chose regional trains so we could see country side. All in all some were slower and dirtier than others. This train was a clackety clack train, but we met some nice local people to talk with which passed the time really quickly. All the trains left and arrived on time. I booked this train from Australia. "

  • Value for money
    Taking the TGV |
    "Sign posting at the Gare de Lyon is fairly easy to understand. The trip was problem free. A comfortable, fast, way to travel in Europe. "