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Barcelona, the cultural capital of Catalonia in Spain

About Spain

Getting there

You can get to Barcelona from Bilbao, Burgos and Malaga. Best price and travel duration below.

From Madrid 02:30 AU$ 43
From Marseille 04:17 AU$ 170
From Montpellier 02:53 AU$ 65
From Bilbao 06:40 AU$ 31
From Burgos 05:55 AU$ 43
From Malaga 05:45 AU$ 76
From San Sebastian 05:28 AU$ 41
From Irun 05:40 AU$ 41
From Murcia Del Carmen 06:46 AU$ 26
From La Coruna 12:53 AU$ 45
From Lugo 13:24 AU$ 108
From Santiago De Compostela 12:23 AU$ 66
From Ponferrada 09:28 AU$ 66
From Cartagena 07:44 AU$ 48
From Leon 07:53 AU$ 43
From Albacete 05:19 AU$ 61
From Vitoria 04:47 AU$ 40
From Benicarlo 01:52 AU$ 23
From Portbou/cerbere 02:12 AU$ 30
From Vinaroz 01:47 AU$ 13
From Tarragona 01:15 AU$ 10
From Salou 01:00 AU$ 10
From Benicassim 02:21 AU$ 28
From Castellon De La Plana 02:21 AU$ 18
From Girona 00:38 AU$ 25
From Miranda De Ebro 04:55 AU$ 46
From Villena 04:43 AU$ 40
From Cordoba 04:10 AU$ 40
From Logrono 03:58 AU$ 43
From Zumarraga 05:04 AU$ 71

Getting around

From Barcelona, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Girona 00:38 AU$ 25
To Salou 01:17 AU$ 10
To Tarragona 01:21 AU$ 13
To Benicarlo 02:21 AU$ 18
To Cerbere 02:51 AU$ 22
To Benicassim 03:03 AU$ 23
To Castellon De La Plana 03:11 AU$ 23
To Pamplona 04:04 AU$ 33
To Carcassonne 04:07 AU$ 89
To Logrono 04:42 AU$ 45
To Zumarraga 04:48 AU$ 71
To Vitoria 04:57 AU$ 93
To Villena 05:01 AU$ 40
To Miranda De Ebro 05:12 AU$ 51
To Albacete 05:19 AU$ 46
To Montpellier 05:24 AU$ 93
To Nimes 05:33 AU$ 84
To Madrid 05:36 AU$ 43
To Malaga 05:47 AU$ 116
To San Sebastian 05:56 AU$ 41
To Irun 06:06 AU$ 28
To Bilbao 06:20 AU$ 31
To Burgos 06:26 AU$ 53
To Lyon 06:30 AU$ 98
To Murcia Del Carmen 06:57 AU$ 26
To Marseille 07:18 AU$ 124
To Cartagena 07:52 AU$ 96
To Geneva 07:56 AU$ 156
To Leon 08:25 AU$ 86
To Lausanne 08:52 AU$ 182
To Fribourg 09:43 AU$ 217
To Cordoba 09:49 AU$ 40
To Lugo 12:54 AU$ 61
To La Coruna 14:38 AU$ 94

Barcelona city guide

Barcelona, the most modern and creative city of Spain, is a city that dazzles and captivates those who visit it. Offering a wide variety of atmospheres, a large cultural offer, leisure, art, gastronomy and innovation, Barcelona is an essential destination to anyone who visits Spain.

When you are there

1. Things to do and see

2. Eat and drink

3. Shopping

4. Information for tourists

Barcelona station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Barcelona.

Barcelona railway station(s)

Barcelona Sants Train Station

Barcelona Sants Train Station

Address: Plaça dels Països Catalans Barcelona

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 4:30am to 12am
Saturday and Sunday: 4:30am to 12am

Trains operating in and from this station:
AVE High speed trains, RENFE trains
Rail agents, Assistance for disabled persons and junior travellers, Lost and found, Police station, Tourist Information Point, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

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Barcelona Estacio de França Train Station

Barcelona Estacio de França Train Station

Address: Avenue Marquès de l'Argentera La Ribera Barcelona

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 7:30am to 10:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 7:30am to 10:30pm

Trains operating in and from this station:
Elipsos Trenhotel, Talgo Day, Ave
Rail agents, Assistance for disabled persons and junior travellers, Lost and found, Tourist Information Point, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

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Interactive Rail Map

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Customer reviews

  • "Great trip"

    So quick and comfortable - really enjoyed the trip.  
  • "Great trip"

    Comfortable carriages, very fast train, nice lunch (1st class). Usual problem - no indication of which end of the train to board that results in running the length of a crowded platform with heavy suitcases.  
  • "Barcelona to Marseille"

    There seemed to be no working air conditioning for the first half of the trip, passengers alll around me were fanning themselves and I went through a full bottle of water. I had very heavy luggage that I could not lift into overhead storage and there was no floor level storage at the end of the carriage. Train was fast, clean and quiet.  
  • "way to go"

    Train was ontime, clean and comfortable. Train was very busy so baggage storage was a bit of a challenge and we got on the wrong part which didn't help. Otherwise all good.  
  • "Brilliant!"

    Very beautiful train, very speedy check in with very friendly staff! Everything pre booked with raileurope made the trip very easy going. Loved it! Thank you!!  
  • "Efficient service"

    No complaints about the trip, fast and clean train/ journey  
  • "Barcelona to Madrid"

    A very convenient, pleasant, comfortable, easy and enjoyable trip to Madrid. Stations at both ends were easy to access and well signposted.  
  • "great trip and convenient"

    fast train getting you there with no hassle.Better option than a plane for those with luggage, door to door city CBD locations.  
  • "Barcelona to Madrid"

    Rail has to be the best way to travel in Europe. None of the hassle of airports and the associated nonsense. Ticket types were poorly differentiated and I ended up with a Tourist Plus ticket when I clearly ordered a First Class ticket online ... try explaining that in Spanish though...  
  • "Barcelona - Madrid AVG"

    the trip was great the booking was easy on the internet and station staff most helpful we did several trips all went well thankyou I hope to use service again next year  
  • "good transport."

    Not a high speed train but comfortable. The departure time we selected was 1400 h so arrival in Barcelona hotel was 2230hours. Maybe take an earlier train if possible.. Plenty of taxis at 2230 in Barcelona  
  • "Barcelona to Madrid."

    Clean,comfortable, excellent service with warm hand towels, newspapers, refreshments and wine . Punctual great scenery, quiet and centre of city to centre of city. What is there not to like. I will be traveling by train whenever possible in preference to air.  
  • "So Easy"

    The whole process of booking and travelling was so easy. The fast train was brilliant and the metro linked in with the stations easily. Highly recommend this way of travelling around Spain.  
  • "Renfe Spanish high speed train"

    First time on a high speed train and it was a great experience and would certainly recommend this way of travel. Able to appreciate the countryside without having to drive and the speed made it all so much quicker.  
  • "Great trip across the Spain"

    The train trip was very enjoyable, comfortable and on time. The staff were also very friendly. The only issue we had was that during the booking and printing of the tickets, the RENFE website was quite unstable requiring frequent attempts at each step. It was a relief that the e-tickets worked correctly.  
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