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Basel, the Swiss capital of art and culture

About Switzerland

Getting there You can get to Basel from Frankfurt, Berlin and Brussels. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 03:07 AU$110
From Amsterdam 06:43 AU$46
From Milan 04:04 AU$51
From Frankfurt 02:54 AU$99
From Berlin 07:25 AU$46
From Brussels 06:33 AU$160
From Munich 06:49 AU$85
From Zurich 00:53 AU$39
From Prague 13:15 AU$46
From Geneva 02:35 AU$103
From Lyon 03:33 AU$48
From Interlaken 01:54 AU$70
From Marseille 05:18 AU$83
From Lucerne 01:01 AU$39
From Cologne 03:52 AU$46
From Copenhagen 15:44 AU$46
From Bern 00:55 AU$47
From Dijon 01:33 AU$40
From Luxembourg 03:27 AU$37
From Hamburg 06:30 AU$46
From Dusseldorf 04:13 AU$43
From Lausanne 02:08 AU$89
From Dresden 08:32 AU$46
From Strasbourg 01:18 AU$14
From Freiburg 00:40 AU$40
From Hanover 05:13 AU$46
From Mannheim 02:09 AU$104
From Bonn 04:21 AU$155
From Mulhouse 00:21 AU$14
From Karlsruhe 01:44 AU$85
From Utrecht 09:47 AU$46
From Stresa 03:08 AU$51
From Bellinzona 03:19 AU$92
From Dortmund 05:10 AU$235
From Namur 05:26 AU$14
From Arnhem 05:40 AU$253
From Leipzig 09:19 AU$78
From Thionville 03:06 AU$14
From Kassel 04:16 AU$193
From Lugano 03:43 AU$116
From Koblenz 03:47 AU$145
From Fulda 04:13 AU$149
From Siegburg 03:36 AU$206
From Landquart 02:09 AU$72
From Sursee 00:54 AU$31
From Grenchen 00:53 AU$19
From Selestat 00:57 AU$14
From Offenburg 01:13 AU$61
From Neuchatel (loc) 01:26 AU$59
From Thun 01:25 AU$59
From Colmar 00:45 AU$14
From Brugg 00:42 AU$24
From Olten 00:24 AU$19
From Rheinfelden 00:13 AU$8
From Frick 00:27 AU$17
From Delemont 00:30 AU$19
From Zofingen 00:41 AU$22
From Baden Baden 01:28 AU$86
From Spiez 01:35 AU$64
From Brig 02:09 AU$111
From Bruchsal 02:07 AU$55
From Liestal 00:09 AU$7
From Chur 02:19 AU$78
From Metz 02:45 AU$14
From Nyon 02:26 AU$98
From Nancy 02:54 AU$65
From Visp 02:01 AU$111
From Yverdon 01:46 AU$70
From Arth Goldau 01:41 AU$53
From Saverne 01:52 AU$47
From Schwyz 01:57 AU$56
From Brunnen 02:01 AU$59
From Sargans 01:59 AU$70
From Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 00:43 AU$20

Getting around From Basel, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Liestal 00:16 AU$7
To Rheinfelden 00:18 AU$8
To Mulhouse 00:32 AU$14
To Olten 00:39 AU$19
To Freiburg 00:45 AU$40
To Frick 00:46 AU$17
To Delemont 00:46 AU$19
To Lucerne 01:01 AU$39
To Zurich 01:05 AU$39
To Bern 01:14 AU$47
To Brugg 01:27 AU$24
To Thun 01:28 AU$59
To Neuchatel (loc) 01:32 AU$59
To Spiez 01:38 AU$64
To Arth Goldau 01:40 AU$53
To Zofingen 01:41 AU$22
To Bad Krozingen 01:44 AU$22
To Baden Baden 01:54 AU$86
To Sargans 01:59 AU$70
To Visp 02:00 AU$97
To Sursee 02:00 AU$31
To Bad Sackingen 02:08 AU$19
To Schwyz 02:08 AU$56
To Lausanne 02:12 AU$89
To Grenchen 02:15 AU$19
To Zug 02:19 AU$51
To Biel 02:25 AU$42
To Landquart 02:25 AU$72
To Brig 02:30 AU$97
To Bruchsal 02:30 AU$114
To Geneva 02:43 AU$103
To Strasbourg 02:51 AU$14
To Interlaken 02:57 AU$70
To Stresa 03:07 AU$51
To Domodossola 03:08 AU$51
To Dijon 03:19 AU$40
To Colmar 03:26 AU$14
To Morges 03:30 AU$75
To Offenburg 03:31 AU$38
To Besançon 03:37 AU$29
To St Gallen 03:38 AU$68
To Selestat 03:42 AU$14
To Lugano 03:43 AU$116
To Nyon 03:44 AU$98
To Montreux 03:47 AU$98
To Bellinzona 03:49 AU$92
To Milan 04:04 AU$144
To Chur 04:10 AU$78
To Goeppingen 04:11 AU$125
To Saverne 04:24 AU$14
To Karlsruhe 04:25 AU$68
To Fulda 04:43 AU$149
To Paris 04:47 AU$79
To Nancy 04:55 AU$64
To Metz 05:13 AU$14
To Stuttgart 05:16 AU$108
To Thionville 05:19 AU$14
To Mannheim 05:19 AU$118
To Kassel 05:22 AU$193
To Lyon 05:30 AU$65
To Luxembourg 05:42 AU$37
To Frankfurt 05:53 AU$118
To Engelberg 05:54 AU$56
To St Moritz 05:57 AU$111
To Ilanz 06:13 AU$90
To Koblenz 06:33 AU$160
To Brussels 06:35 AU$160
To Dusseldorf 07:18 AU$190
To Cologne 07:22 AU$118
To Venice 07:39 AU$203
To Munich 07:49 AU$126
To Mainz 08:33 AU$118
To Hanover 09:12 AU$230
To Leipzig 09:23 AU$46
To Nuremberg 09:46 AU$169
To Berlin 10:06 AU$46
To Utrecht 10:15 AU$46
To Dortmund 10:35 AU$235
To Hamburg 10:38 AU$46
To Amsterdam 10:43 AU$46
To Vienna 11:00 AU$181
To Marseille 11:53 AU$89
To Prague 13:18 AU$46
To Dresden 13:46 AU$46
To Copenhagen 16:28 AU$46

While you're there

Basel, known as Switzerland’s capital of art and culture, is located in the heart of Europe, just south of Germany and next to the Alsace region in France. It can be the perfect base to visit three European countries in one go.

The excellent public transport ensures that inhabitants and visitors alike can move quickly and comfortably around the city and even across the border into the neighbouring countries of France and Germany. The pocket-sized metropolis offers about 40 museums, classical patrician houses and medieval churches side by side with modern buildings designed by major international architects such as Herzog & de Meuron or Renzo Piano.

The Barfuesserplatz is one of the best places to eat in Basel.

The medley of sophisticated shops in Basel is sure to keep you occupied. Seize the opportunity to buy a Swiss Rolex or Victorinox knife in Freie Strasse.

Basel Tourism
Stadt-Casino, Barfusserplatz Steinenberg, 14 CH 4010 Basel
Tel: +41 (0)6 12 68 68 68

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Basel can be found.

Basel railway station(s)

Basel Bad Bf Train Station

Basel Bad Bf Train Station

Address: Schwarzwaldallee 200 CH-4016 Basel

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 6:30am to 8:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9am to 5pm

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (ICE), Regional trains
Facilities for disabled persons, Toilets and Phone cabins.

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Basel SBB Train Station

Basel SBB Train Station

Address: Centralbahnplatz 4002 Basel

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8am to 7pm
Saturday: 8am to 6pm
Sunday: 10am to 6pm

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains, Regional trains
Tourist Information Point, Facilities for disabled persons, Lost and found, Bank & Currency exchange, Toilets, Luggage storage, Bicycle rental, Wi-Fi Internet and Phone cabins.

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  • "ease"    
    Having never travelled by train in Europe and being in our 60's we were a bit nervous but the ease we were able to move luggage and find our seats was excellent. Cant remember is I got to choose seats or they were done for me. Would have prefered the table seat. Staff were very helpful in answering our queries.  
  • "Great Trip"    
    This was a local transfer to get to the fast train. All went well, platform easy to find, train left on time. Only thing to be aware of is there are three steps to get on the train. Can be tricky with bags by yourself.  
  • "Great Train"    
    This is a fast train  
  • "Florence to UK the scenic way"    
    Timetable worked well for us. No great delays but sufficient time to grab a bite to eat between connecting trains. Boards were easy to read and assistance was not far away if we needed to clarify anything. We did have to pay an extra $280 on the next leg from Basel to Paris as we had not been advised that we needed an additional ticket to cover the specific train travel in Switzerland. Luckily for us we had an understanding conductor and access to credit cards. This oversight could have been a problem for others. In all it was a long way to travel in a day, but the views were worth it and we would do it again. Travel was relaxing and prices very reasonable considering the distance we travelled.  
  • "Florence to UK the scenic way"    
    This was the beginning of a long day for our party of 4 mature travellers. No problems at all. We pre-booked (2nd class all the way), ensuring we had a seat, which was comfortable and there was storage space for our luggage.  
  • "Euro trip"    
    Ice trains are more comfortable  
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    Very comfortable coaches, smooth ride, on time, helpful staff with a smile.  
  • "Travelling backwards - not fun"    
    I love travelling on European trains, but not when my seat is facing backwards. It would be great if there was an option for direction of travel, even if it cost more.  
  • "Train Travel"    
    Trip went well and very comfortable  
  • "Relax and enjoy the view."    
    We enjoyed our trip which was stress free. We were staying close to Cologne HBF (Station) and walked over with our suitcases, checked the departures board and boarded our train. 1st class was comfortable and we had reserved seats next to each other. No traffic or driving on the wrong side of the road to worry about. We took our own refreshments and arrived in Bern on time to catch our next connection to Geneva.  
  • "French adventure"    
    Only difficulty was the lack of sufficient clear signs from the arrivals hall to the rail platforms, and the distance. Travelling on the trains is easy.  
  • "BASEL - PARIS OCT 2014"    
    The service by Rail Europe has been good and the trains are comfortable and of a high standard. The main issue I have is that, as Australians, we travel for several weeks at a time and have several suitcases with us. For some reason, our allocated seats were always on the upper level of the carriage, making it extremely difficult to secure our luggage. As we are not business commuters but leisure travellers, i would strongly recommend that seats be allocated at the lower level of the carriage, not the upper level. My husband had to stand downstairs at each train stop to ensure our luggage was secure, as we could not view it from our upstairs seating area.  
  • "Paris to Dijon"    
    Easy trip, compfortable and effortless arrived in Dijon in no time at all  
  • "Dijon to Basel"    
    Very comfortable ride clocking 315 Kms an hour on the speedo. The journey over in a flash  
  • "Booking TGV from Australia"    
    Rail Europe made our complicated train travel itinerary in Europe very easy.  
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