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In Bologna , let yourself be surprised

Student city Bologna’s past lives on in its towers , churches and palaces and the interlocking piazzas and colonnades of blood-red brick: the colour of Bologna’s greatest gift to students everywhere – spaghetti Bolognese.

About Italy

Bologna has one of the largest historical centre in Europe. Here, you will admire the main square dating back from the 15th century: the Piazza Maggiore, and its numerous medieval edifices.

Among them you should visit the Town Hall in the Palazzo d’Accursio, the beautiful Palazzo del Podesta and the gothic Basilica of San Petronio. Nearby is the Piazza del Nettuno where you’ll be astonished by the Fountain of Neptune.

To appreciate a large view on the city, climb up to the top of one of the high nobiliary Torre Pendenti. Enjoy strolling under the world-famous Bologna’s Porticoes and let yourself be seduced by the gastronomy: its unrivalled mortadella, its delicious pastas, cheeses and wines.

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Bologna can be found.

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  • Value for money
    Bologna to Roma |
    "Always on time, comfortable and convenient "

  • Value for money
    Great Journey |
    "We enjoyed our journey from Bologna to Venice,the airconditioning on this train worked better than the Salerno Bologna train. "

  • Italy by train |
    "It was our first trip to Italy where we used Italian trains. We found the train travel very enjoyable.. All trains ran on time, they were clean and very comfortable. I would definitely use them again. "

  • Value for money
    The only way to travel |
    "Once we found the new station at Bologna (station 18) in the new building and at level -5, all was OK, the train was very nice and comfortable, very fast trip to Florence, no stress, very pleased with the results. "

  • Value for money
    Surprised  |
    "I was very surprised at the quality of this train after the first leg from Munich. There is almost no comparison as the Italian train was heaps better and far superior. Unable to increase the ratings for this leg, application malfunction. "

  • Value for money
    Disappointed |
    "I was extremely disappointed with so called first class on this leg. Second class at best. Crowded and.little room for all occupants of the compartment for 6 people squeezed in with luggage.Uncomfortable andnot relaxing The ticketing system is archaic and well behind the times.The service is not user friendly and quite difficult and frustrating "

  • Value for money
    Convenient |
    "Very convenient and cheap way to travel. Excellent price by booking and paying online and in advance. Great to arrive in the centre of a city. "

  • Value for money
    Very Fast  |
    "We spent a little bit extra and got seats in business class and found seats to be very comfortable. The train was very fast and got to our destination rather quickly which was what we wanted with limited time. The only thing I wasnt aware of when I booked online was that the seats are layed out in odds and evens and where I thought I was sitting next to my wife we were actually opposite each other which did turn out ok. Also as we were Australian and only spoke english when the train stewards went through with the refreshments trolley they went past us quickly and didnt give us time to respond once we knew what they were doing. Overall very enjoyable trip. "

  • Short  |
    "Another terrific experience on Trenitalia - train on time, quick trip, highly recommend "

  • convenience |
    "The service was excellent - however, I pre-booked the ticket from o/seas with a reserved seat and a very well-dressed local was sitting in my seat. It was uncomfortable to stress that it was my seat and while I eventually gained the seat, she spoke to locas in Italian, obviously about me, which made me feel very uncomfortable for the entire trip, despite me being very polite in requesting the seat and even apoolgising to her that it was my seat, necessitating me showing my ticket. "

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