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Brig, reach the fortress of the hill!

Brig is a charming city situated in the Swiss canton "Haut-Valais". Its name, coming from the Celtic language, means "hill’s fortress". Located nearby ski resorts and thermal baths, it is also the ideal starting point for amazing excursions.

About Switzerland

Let yourself be tempted by a visit of the Stockalper Castle, a splendid baroque palace built in the 17th century by a rich businessman.

Enjoy a stroll through the old city of Brig and notice its lovely patrician houses, the pilgrimage church and the Saint Sebastian chapel. Close to Brig, you will be enable to admire the longest glacier of the world: the Aletsch glacier. If you want to relax, reach Brigerbad, only 6 kilometres far from Brig, and spend some time in the outdoors thermal resort equipped with a thermal cave and a river.

Don’t miss the Belalp Derby on January where 1000 participants dressed like witches ski down on 12 kilometres!

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  • Value for money
    Simplon Tunnel |
    "Quite an historic journey through to Milan and the engineering marvel of the Simplon tunnel. Train was great. Only trouble was there is a big gap during the day for trains through to Milan. We came from Chamonix to connect, but the earliest train just missed the morning services through to Milan. Had 4 hours to kill in Brig as a result. A service in the middle of the day would have been nice. "

  • Value for money
    Efficient and Reliable |
    "The train was on time, seating comfortable and the carriage clean, which is expected on a modern European rail system. However I am astounded that in this day and age the paper tickets that are mailed to overseas customers are still required. Why cannot e-tickets be used? "