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Brive, the medieval

In the centre of France, come to discover the charming city of Brive. Also called "Brive-la-Gaillarde" because of its fortifications ("galia" meaning "strength" in Latin), Brive was surrounded by an outer wall spiked with towers in the 16th century.

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Be astonished by the rich and various historic heritage of Brive: its medieval city centre and extensions dating from the 19th century will surely seduce you.

Don’t hesitate to visit the saint Martin collegiate church and its lovely 12th century capitals, which was listed historical monument in 1862. Explore the Labenche art and history Museum, situated in a splendid Renaissance house, and be amazed by the magnificent English tapestries from the 17th century.

Among the large number of picturesque monuments of Brive, you should see the "tour des Echevins" in Renaissance style, the city hall and its architectural decorations from the 17th century and the fascinating "Maison Treilhard" built from the 13th century .

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    "Great trip from Rocamadour through to Paris - Austerlitz. Train was clean comfortable and on time. No hesitation recommending to my friends. "

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    "We made three train reservations for travel in France recently. From Paris to Brive la Gaillarde, from Toulouse to Marseille, and from Marseille to Paris. Easy to book with RailEurope. We had two sets of tickets mailed and downloaded the other. In the case of the downloaded tickets, some of the printing was iprinted over, making the coach number unreadable. This could have been an inconvenience on the platform! So we emailed RailEurope who helpfully gave us the information needed before we left Australia. Many thanks...smooth travels. "

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    Brive to Lille |
    "Lovely comfortable trip. "