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Chalon-sur-Saone, let yourself be tempted by Burgundy

Chalon sur Saone was built along the Saone river during Antiquity. It is a French city of about 45 500 inhabitants in the centre-east of the country, in Burgundy. Chalon sur Saone is listed as French Town of Art and History.

About France

Once you reach Chalon-sur-Saone by train, you can discover the charming old historic district of the city with its half-timbering houses, towers, turrets and lovely little streets.

Chalon sur Saone is also equipped with fortifications from the 16th century and a sumptuous Italian Theatre. The Saint Vincent cathedral built from the 11th century is worth the detour because of its neo-gothic facade and its splendid cloister. On the City Hall Square, you will admire the Saint Pierre church in baroque style. If you’re a shutterbug, you should reach the Nicéphore-Niépce Museum, offering an interesting collection of contemporary pictures.

The Vivant-Denon Museum houses a large collection commemorating the archaeology, the decorative art, the History and the Fine Arts.

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Tgv paris cdg to chalon sur saone via lyon august 29th 2016 We arrive CDG at 7.30am 29/8/2016 on Singapore Airlines. Want to travel to Chalon via Lyon that same day. TGV appears to go at 9.58am and 11.58am. When can I book tickets? How much time should I allow for transfer from airport to rail (...)

Peter G. | 9 de mayu de 2016 answered | 3 Comments
Rail travel from amsterdam to chalon-sur-saone, france? Can I travel from Amsterdam to Chalon-sur-Saone, France without having to change from one train station to another in Paris?

William F. | 13 de xunetu de 2014 answered | 0 Comments
Best route barcelona to chalon sur saone Hi, Sorry to be asking yet more questions. I am trying to get from Barcelona (spain) to Chalon Sur Saone (france) departing in the morning, hopefully to get there some time in the early afternoon. The booking system says it can't find a way. (...)

Sophie S. | 27 de ochobre de 2013 answered | 0 Comments

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    "This was a local transfer to get to the fast train. All went well, platform easy to find, train left on time. Only thing to be aware of is there are three steps to get on the train. Can be tricky with bags by yourself. "

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    "Our TGV trips to Djon and back from Chalon to Paris were excellent. "