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Chateauroux, a quiet city in the center of France.

Do you know how the city got its name? Indeed, a castle was built here during the 10th century and belonged to Raoul, and from the "château" of Raoul resulted Chateauroux. This is to say the age of the town…

About France

Board a train to the center of France and come to explore Chateauroux, this peaceful city that will amaze you for sure.

Actually, this 46 000 inhabitants town can boast about having a great number of festivals and cultural events. Chateauroux offers you the opportunity to visit the Museum of the Hôtel Bertrand, a building dating back to the 18th century and housing great collections of gallo-roman art, or flemish and dutch paintings of the 15th and 17th century.

Head the ancient convent of the Cordelier, dating back to the 13th century, and discover some contemporary temporary exhibitions. To learn more about the region, call the Maison du Berry to understand the local art and traditions.

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  • Value for money
    Off to the Loire Valley |
    "This is such an easy way to travel to this part of France. The tickets arrived to my home within a couple of days of booking and were easily 'validated' at the yellow machines found at the end of each platform. The train left exactly as per the timetable, was clean and comfortable. Booking in advance meant we could get a good fare. The town was an easy walk from the station - just look for the Chateau! Be aware, there is no mobile phone use in the compartments as indicated, we found out later by the 'sleeping mobile phone' icon sticker up near the travel racks. Instead there is a section at the end of the compartment - where you get on - for speaking on your phone. Problem - the sound of the train is so loud in this part, it makes it impossible to hear and you end up shouting anyway! "