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Getting there

You can get to Cologne from Berlin, Brussels and Munich. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 03:14 AU$ 58
From Amsterdam 02:38 AU$ 121
From Frankfurt 00:55 AU$ 35
From Berlin 04:22 AU$ 48
From Brussels 01:47 AU$ 31
From Munich 04:25 AU$ 48
From Zurich 05:03 AU$ 81
From Prague 11:35 AU$ 81
From Vienna 09:13 AU$ 319
From Basel 03:52 AU$ 122
From Salzburg 07:42 AU$ 252
From Lucerne 05:09 AU$ 55
From Copenhagen 11:28 AU$ 48
From Stuttgart 02:14 AU$ 146
From Hamburg 03:49 AU$ 164
From Dusseldorf 00:22 AU$ 17
From Dresden 07:44 AU$ 48
From Nuremberg 03:30 AU$ 204
From Heidelberg 02:37 AU$ 136
From Freiburg 03:08 AU$ 164
From Hanover 02:38 AU$ 134
From Mannheim 01:29 AU$ 151
From Bonn 00:20 AU$ 25
From Karlsruhe 02:04 AU$ 164
From Bremen 03:02 AU$ 129
From Aachen 00:35 AU$ 30
From Linz 10:50 AU$ 164
From Utrecht 02:10 AU$ 81
From Augsburg 04:02 AU$ 230
From Braunschweig 03:55 AU$ 139
From Ulm 03:14 AU$ 174
From Kassel 03:31 AU$ 122
From Hamburg Harburg 03:49 AU$ 164
From Hagen 00:45 AU$ 48
From Kiel 05:08 AU$ 184
From Kolding 09:04 AU$ 81
From Passau 06:41 AU$ 232
From Neuss 00:21 AU$ 13
From Odense 09:46 AU$ 48
From Opladen 00:16 AU$ 7
From Konstanz 06:33 AU$ 223
From Flensburg(de) 06:20 AU$ 48
From Oberhausen 00:45 AU$ 70
From Duisburg 00:37 AU$ 17
From Wuppertal 00:28 AU$ 23
From Regensburg 05:35 AU$ 169
From Leipzig 06:05 AU$ 192
From Krefeld 00:43 AU$ 41
From Giessen 02:55 AU$ 43
From Hamm Westf 01:15 AU$ 58
From Dortmund 01:06 AU$ 51
From Wesel 01:17 AU$ 46
From Mainz 01:21 AU$ 88
From Siegen 01:26 AU$ 41
From Wiesbaden 01:04 AU$ 113
From Liege 01:01 AU$ 31
From Monchengladbach 00:54 AU$ 25
From Kall 00:53 AU$ 28
From Essen 00:49 AU$ 17
From Gelsenkirchen 00:57 AU$ 45
From Bochum 01:00 AU$ 46
From Bingen 01:30 AU$ 78
From Arnhem 01:35 AU$ 61
From Wurzburg 02:35 AU$ 180
From Trier 02:26 AU$ 73
From Andernach 00:46 AU$ 31
From Koblenz 00:52 AU$ 43
From Offenburg 02:59 AU$ 35
From Baden Baden 02:21 AU$ 134
From Siegburg 00:14 AU$ 35
From Cochem 01:44 AU$ 71
From Munster Westf Hb 01:40 AU$ 81
From Bielefeld 01:47 AU$ 96
From Bad Honnef 00:49 AU$ 15
From Osnabruck 02:09 AU$ 96
From Wolfsburg 03:13 AU$ 149

Getting around

From Cologne, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Opladen 00:17 AU$ 7
To Bonn 00:29 AU$ 25
To Siegburg 00:32 AU$ 35
To Bad Honnef 00:47 AU$ 15
To Dusseldorf 00:51 AU$ 30
To Wuppertal 01:04 AU$ 38
To Neuss 01:08 AU$ 13
To Kall 01:09 AU$ 28
To Krefeld 01:29 AU$ 56
To Aachen 01:31 AU$ 36
To Duisburg 01:36 AU$ 40
To Koblenz 01:40 AU$ 43
To Essen 01:48 AU$ 43
To Monchengladbach 01:52 AU$ 25
To Wesel 01:52 AU$ 61
To Oberhausen 02:01 AU$ 84
To Bochum 02:06 AU$ 46
To Hagen 02:11 AU$ 48
To Gelsenkirchen 02:15 AU$ 45
To Iserlohn 02:18 AU$ 56
To Mainz 02:35 AU$ 88
To Dortmund 02:36 AU$ 66
To Hamm Westf 02:54 AU$ 73
To Mannheim 02:57 AU$ 151
To Liege 03:04 AU$ 50
To Bingen 03:05 AU$ 78
To Frankfurt 03:11 AU$ 132
To Munster Westf Hb 03:13 AU$ 66
To Heidelberg 03:14 AU$ 151
To Eindhoven 03:15 AU$ 131
To Siegen 03:24 AU$ 56
To Offenburg 03:25 AU$ 35
To Osnabruck 03:28 AU$ 96
To Wiesbaden 03:29 AU$ 98
To Baden Baden 03:54 AU$ 149
To Strasbourg 04:04 AU$ 228
To Bremen 04:08 AU$ 144
To Cochem 04:14 AU$ 56
To Brussels 04:16 AU$ 55
To Braunschweig 04:23 AU$ 139
To Utrecht 04:33 AU$ 81
To Hamburg 04:42 AU$ 190
To Bielefeld 04:48 AU$ 96
To Stuttgart 04:50 AU$ 146
To Karlsruhe 04:51 AU$ 164
To Wurzburg 04:56 AU$ 180
To Amsterdam 05:00 AU$ 103
To Hanover 05:04 AU$ 149
To Paderborn 05:05 AU$ 93
To Giessen 05:42 AU$ 175
To Wolfsburg 05:43 AU$ 164
To Nuremberg 05:53 AU$ 204
To Saarbrucken 06:08 AU$ 207
To Freiburg 06:09 AU$ 164
To Kiel 06:27 AU$ 184
To Konstanz 06:33 AU$ 223
To Berlin 06:38 AU$ 308
To Hamburg Harburg 06:39 AU$ 175
To Kassel 06:48 AU$ 137
To Augsburg 06:59 AU$ 230
To Regensburg 07:00 AU$ 184
To Basel 07:01 AU$ 237
To Trier 07:07 AU$ 68
To Venlo 07:31 AU$ 144
To Munich 07:32 AU$ 250
To Paris 07:57 AU$ 215
To Salzburg 08:01 AU$ 266
To Passau 08:04 AU$ 232
To Lucerne 08:19 AU$ 103
To Flensburg(de) 08:25 AU$ 81
To Leipzig 08:31 AU$ 306
To Zurich 08:34 AU$ 48
To Dresden 10:05 AU$ 265
To Kolding 10:09 AU$ 48
To Landeck 10:09 AU$ 379
To Prague 11:30 AU$ 371
To Odense 11:55 AU$ 235
To Vienna 12:03 AU$ 298
To Copenhagen 12:26 AU$ 180
To Milan 21:16 AU$ 397

Cologne city guide

The city by the Rhine River is famed for its massive Cathedral and its sense of fun. The Carnival and Christmas markets in Cologne are not to be missed.

As well as the legacy from Roman times and the Middle Ages, Cologne has an extremely lively arts and culture scene. Besides being a centre of carnival activity and the capital of Rhenish joie de vivre, the city is home to a great variety of art museums and the Cologne Chocolate Museum with its legendary Chocolate Fountain. The typical local breweries serving local dishes as well as the local brew Kölsch, a unique beer speciality served in special glasses are very popular. The local people love to welcome guests. Open, friendly and uncomplicated: Cologne is a feeling!

Cologne station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Cologne.

Koeln Deutz

Address: Ottoplatz 2 50679 Cologne

Koeln Hbf

Address: Breslauer Platz 4 50668 Cologne


Interactive Rail Map

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Customer reviews

  • "Brussels - Cologne"

    This was my second stage of a four stage journey that day. It took 1 hour and 50 minutes and was good.  
  • "Paris to Cologne 16/4/15"

    I bought my ticket online in Australia and printed it out before I left. The ticketing page was easy to use and I was offered many options to choose the time, date and class of carriage. The train itself (Thalys) was clean and comfortable with ample luggage space (for my large suitcase) left on time plus there was also usb plugs for laptops etc. all in all an easy and positive experience.  
  • "A great trip"

    We thoroughly enjoyed our trip on the Thalys, travelling from Cologne to Paris. Very friendly staff, comfortable trip.  
  • "Relax and enjoy the view."

    We enjoyed our trip which was stress free. We were staying close to Cologne HBF (Station) and walked over with our suitcases, checked the departures board and boarded our train. 1st class was comfortable and we had reserved seats next to each other. No traffic or driving on the wrong side of the road to worry about. We took our own refreshments and arrived in Bern on time to catch our next connection to Geneva.  
  • "Everything worked well"

    The whole process of booking on-line worked well. The travel experience was all we hoped for. Availability of free wi fi was an aded bonus not always available with other rail companies. I would recommend Rail Europe and Thalys.  
  • "Train return Paris-Cologne"

    Travelling from Paris to Koeln/Cologne for the day to visit friends was a most enjoyable efficient way in which to travel. After an early start one could catch up on sleep before viewing the rolling countryside once in Belgium and Germany. The diner car provided all that was necessary for a breakfast meal. Cologne has the advantage of being a beautiful city situated very close to the central train station and tours originated from near the Town Square right near the station. Not far away was the River Rhine from which boat tours depart frequently. The retail area for tourists and restaurants are plentiful around the Square, beer houses included. Return to Paris after a full day in Cologne was most pleasant in Thalys, where again a wholesome snack was again available from the dining servery. Again one could catch up on sleep after a tiring/rewarding day in Koeln. Thalys was an efficient service for the purpose of a having a day in Cologne, while visiting Paris.  
  • "First Class all the way"

    Have never travelled first class before and it was brilliant. The service we received both getting on the train and during the journey was exceptional. Loved the food. The only disappointing factor is that there are often barriers and/or trees blocking the view if you choose this option to see the countryside.  
  • "scenic"

    the pre-purchase tickets are great to save time in counter lines.if you see how many people are in these stations All the tickets I bought worked perfectly. THANKS  
  • "1st time in Europe"

    I arranged all my bookings before leaving Australia on the inter net and all went perfectly well. All on time and very comfortable.  
  • "1st time in Europe"

    I arranged all my bookings before leaving Australia on the inter net and all went perfectly well. All on time and very comfortable.  
  • "Did the job"

    Did the job, comfort in sleeper was average, service very good. Nice views on morning part of trip to Praha.  
  • "Wonderful trip"

    We travelled on 22 May 2014 and were thrilled with the comfort and service - dinner with wine was even included in the fare.  
  • "Disaster Avoided"

    I was travelling 2nd class from Paris to Cologne and the trip was great, except for one thing. I was travelling 2nd class, and when I found the start of those carriages on the platform, the guard at the first door told me I could get on and sit anywhere as it wasn't actually a Thalys train. Fortunately the ticket inspector on route took better notice of my ticket and informed me that the section of the train I was on wasn't going any further than Brussels, and that in fact I should have got onto the train further along which was the one going through to Cologne. How was I to know there were actually two trains? Fortunately when both the trains pulled into Brussels together I was able to sprint up the platform and get onto the right one. SO the lesson is, make sure you are on the right carriage number written on your ticket, and don't rely on the platform staff.  
  • "Beats flying "

    Was a great way to get to Cologne from Paris, very fast, comfortable and great value.  
  • "Hamburg to Koeln"

    This train arrived 10 minutes late in Hamburg and kept getting later and later. I was getting worried about my on connection to London and was 30 minutes late by arrival in Koeln.  
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