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Mannheim: Lots to see and do - from museums to outdoor activities

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Getting there You can get to Mannheim from Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 03:05 AU$62
From Amsterdam 04:19 AU$179
From Milan 06:58 AU$51
From Frankfurt 00:35 AU$34
From Berlin 04:23 AU$53
From Munich 02:59 AU$53
From Zurich 03:14 AU$156
From Prague 10:04 AU$78
From Avignon 06:39 AU$62
From Lyon 05:24 AU$62
From Interlaken 04:09 AU$187
From Marseille 07:19 AU$62
From Basel 02:08 AU$119
From Salzburg 04:48 AU$178
From Cologne 01:26 AU$53
From Copenhagen 13:04 AU$78
From Bern 03:10 AU$163
From Stuttgart 00:37 AU$35
From Hamburg 04:19 AU$53
From Dusseldorf 01:48 AU$53
From Dresden 05:26 AU$86
From Heidelberg 00:10 AU$13
From Strasbourg 01:23 AU$46
From Freiburg 01:25 AU$35
From Hanover 03:02 AU$53
From Bonn 02:07 AU$53
From Karlsruhe 00:23 AU$25
From Friedrichshafen 03:33 AU$53
From Wanne Eickel Hbf 03:46 AU$53
From Mainz 00:40 AU$29
From Kaiserslautern 00:45 AU$31
From Kiel 05:30 AU$53
From Moscow 31:00 AU$405
From Worms 00:15 AU$16
From Bruchsal 00:33 AU$26
From Munster Westf Hb 03:22 AU$53
From Baden Baden 00:40 AU$35
From Offenburg 00:53 AU$35
From Koblenz 01:33 AU$35
From Ulm 01:37 AU$35
From Duisburg 02:05 AU$35
From Goeppingen 01:28 AU$35
From Forbach 01:28 AU$50
From Heilbronn 01:16 AU$37
From Saarbrucken 01:18 AU$35
From Ludwigshafen Rhei 00:04 AU$13
From Essen 02:21 AU$53
From Siegburg 01:11 AU$53
From Besançon 03:12 AU$62
From Bad Friedrichsh J 01:04 AU$34
From Dortmund 02:46 AU$53
From Augsburg 02:23 AU$53
From Olten 02:42 AU$136
From Wiesbaden 00:52 AU$35

Getting around From Mannheim, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Worms 00:15 AU$16
To Heidelberg 00:58 AU$13
To Speyer 01:06 AU$29
To Karlsruhe 01:08 AU$25
To Hockenheim 01:12 AU$29
To Baden Baden 01:21 AU$35
To Frankfurt 01:30 AU$34
To Forbach 01:32 AU$50
To Bruchsal 01:57 AU$23
To Stuttgart 02:06 AU$35
To Wiesbaden 02:10 AU$34
To Bad Friedrichsh J 02:11 AU$34
To Mainz 02:16 AU$29
To Offenburg 02:29 AU$35
To Goeppingen 02:34 AU$35
To Heilbronn 02:40 AU$35
To Cologne 02:44 AU$53
To Kaiserslautern 02:51 AU$31
To Koblenz 02:58 AU$35
To Ulm 03:03 AU$35
To Siegburg 03:06 AU$53
To Besançon 03:08 AU$82
To Bonn 03:12 AU$35
To Freiburg 03:30 AU$35
To Saarbrucken 03:43 AU$35
To Dusseldorf 04:01 AU$53
To Duisburg 04:08 AU$35
To Pfaeffikon 04:16 AU$174
To Essen 04:29 AU$53
To Spiez 04:46 AU$180
To Dortmund 04:51 AU$53
To Wanne Eickel Hbf 04:54 AU$35
To Basel 04:55 AU$104
To Augsburg 04:56 AU$53
To Munich 04:56 AU$53
To Munster Westf Hb 05:24 AU$53
To Olten 05:26 AU$136
To Hamburg 05:38 AU$53
To Strasbourg 05:46 AU$53
To Friedrichshafen 05:57 AU$53
To Bern 05:57 AU$163
To Zurich 05:58 AU$130
To Neckarelz 06:20 AU$39
To Interlaken 06:21 AU$187
To Hanover 06:47 AU$53
To Aix En Provence Tgv 06:51 AU$94
To Marseille 07:06 AU$94
To Lyon 07:33 AU$78
To Paris 07:51 AU$56
To Salzburg 07:56 AU$163
To Avignon 08:34 AU$78
To Berlin 09:10 AU$53
To Dresden 10:00 AU$53
To Kiel 10:25 AU$53
To Amsterdam 11:09 AU$123
To Copenhagen 13:50 AU$78
To Prague 13:51 AU$46
To Milan 15:59 AU$256
To Moscow 48:51 AU$450

While you're there

Mannheim, a lively german city that deserves to be known

Mannheim is located in the southwestern part of Germany. Founded at the beginning of 17th century, it is a 320 000 inhabitants city, so it is the largest one of the land (Bade-Wurtemberg) after Stuttgart. It is a very pleasant place to stay.

From concerts to cultural events, from museums to squares to stroll about, Mannheim is worth the visit. What about visiting the baroque Palace of the city, dating back to the 18th century? It houses nowadays the most beautiful university of the country!

Walk around the water castle and have a break in one of the numerous bar or restaurant of the city. You will experience a bustling nighlife and if you come in December you will be lucky to dawdle along the christmas markets, and to feast your eyes with the illuminations and the decorations!

Anyway, you will enjoy Mannheim as much in summer as in winter.

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Mannheim can be found.


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Customer reviews

  • "Once you get on - it’s great"    
    Train doesn't stop long at station. All those getting off - get off! Then those getting on can do so! Also better communication on platform of where carriages will line up would help a lot. However, very smooth and enjoyable trip once you get on. Power outlets were most appreciated. Would travel again and easier next time having done it before..  
  • "Other passengers the problem"    
    The trip was great except for the other passengers who didnt like the fact we had young children in 1st class.  
  • "Slightly confusing"    
    This was a 2 train on one platform departure, with the arriving train requiring passengers to disembark and go to the rear train and the newly departing passengers to make sure that they got on the right train. Transferring passengers were confused if they had the same allocated seats. The annoucement did go over the process again and again, and the train officials checked each passenger's destination, so in the end it all worked.  
  • "Quick "    
    Reserved seats, enjoyable breakfast, and pleasant service.  
  • "Train to Mannheim"    
    German rail travel is very efficient but have noticed that the costs have spiraled compared to prices 3 years ago.  
  • "Usual chaos on boarding"    
    See earlier comment about chaos on boarding.  
  • "Good trip-but, oh, the luggage"    
    Why can't European railways make getting on board with luggage easier? It is always chaos. No-one assists getting people unfamiliar with the process to get on board the right carriage hence people are struggling to get off while other people are struggling to get on. And why isn't there more storage space for luggage at the end of a carriage. Inevitably the luggage spills over into the aisle making it difficult for later arrivals and for comfort whilst travelling. Still rail travel is so much more convenient than air travel with all its security hassles. Pity they can't do better with the food supplied.  
  • "Unscheduled change"    
    We had to change trains unexpectedly one station short of our destination. There was no English announcement but fortunately a friendly fellow traveller translated for us.