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Narbonne, a lovely city in southern France close to the sea

Hometown of the great singer Charles Trénet, the southern french city of Narbonne benefits from a mediterranean climate and from the comforting sunshine of Languedoc-Roussillon, in the Aude department. Dive in the smell of rosemary flower and enjoy the pleasures of the sea.

About France

During Antiquity, Narbonne was at the crossroad between Italy and Spain, and hence attracted a lot of trades. This dynamic seems to have remained continuous up to the 14th century.

The town still bears the marks of History, which you can witness in the old town as well as with its impressive cathedral, and the Arcbishop’s Palace. Take the time to join the crowd during the market days under the Halles, or during a match of rugby, which is very popular in Narbonne and its region.

Of course, at only 15 kilometers away from the Mediterranean Sea shores, it will be hard to resist to a bath.

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    First Timers |
    "our first experience and we're thrilled with the timeliness and convenience. Would do again "

  • Value for money
    Train Travelling with a friend |
    "Great trains, great service. Only complaint is lugging large suitcases up and down stairs at major stations with no elevators or esculaters. "

  • Train trip |
    "It was quick, comfortable and efficient. "

  • Value for money
    TGV |
    "Sipped and comfort. Relaxed all the way. A great way to travel "

  • Value for money
    Quick Train Change |
    "TGV was running late. Made this train by seconds. A little disturbing as my French is poor and I was not certain I had caught the right train, but being only one connection that afternoon Intook the risk and it paid off. Train was quick and comfortable. "

  • To TGV or not to TGV continued |
    "We had a very comfortable trip from Barcelona to France recently. It was great to have the fours seats together, facing each other for our group. The train was clean, on-time and very comfortable. The only downside was the lack of luggage space for large bags. This required a lot of manual handling by our group as many people disregarded the fact that others needed to store luggage too. More space definitely needs to be allocated. Staff were very helpful and it was great to hear the announcements in multiple languages. I would travel this way again rather than the plane :) "

  • Value for money
    A simple service |
    "The online booking needs improving please. The option to select and pay for children ( we payed all adult fares) and the option to select the table and have a family sit around a table. "

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    Train experience in France |
    "We didn't end up travelling on the TGV as we eventually found out that all the trains were delayed due to a body being found on the tracks somewhere. We were eventually informed that we should catch another train and this we found to be excellent. Elevators were not clearly displayed or not in existance and thus we carried large and heavy luggage up "

  • Value for money
    Lots of stairs |
    "Narbonne not very suitcase friendly Lots of stairs after leaving the train and even though euro rail had told me that there would be lockers to store our cases there were none at this station! "

  • Value for money
    Great trip! |
    "Early booking meant we could easily afford 1st class travel on this long trip, which was extremely comfortable. "

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