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Pau, a lively and cosmopolitan French city

Located at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains, the towns of Pau and Lourdes are surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, authentic heritage and spirituality. Both towns can be base camps for an unforgettable immersion in the south west of France, for an escapade in the natural setting of the Pyrenees and to taste the excellent local cuisine and wines.

About France

Easily accessible from Bordeaux and Toulouse by train (2h10 trip), Pau is a lively and cosmopolitan city with a pleasant climate throughout the year, stamped by the presence of international gentry during the 19th century. Upon your arrival at the railway station, take the free cable-car, inherited from the Belle Epoque era, to reach the town centre. Pau, which is the birthplace of King Henry IV, is home to the Château de Pau, once the home of the King and today a classified monument and museum. Have a look at the town’s other highlights: the Palais Beaumont and the Fine Arts Museum. In the afternoon have a stroll in its pedestrian shopping area, discover the magnificent market place or relax on the Boulevard des Pyrénées in the shades of palm trees to admire the Pyrenean peaks. Then be ready for an escape to the Jurançon vineyards in the heart of the Béarn hills.

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    Toulouse to bayonne ttip |
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    "Great clean and efficient service except when our train left half an hour EARLY on our return journey and we were not advised along with several others. Not easy to deal with when you only have schoolboy French. "