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A city that makes an impression

Rouen, rich in history and in remains!

Rouen is an important city of the northwestern part of France. The Seine river goes through it before flowing into the English Channel. Rouen has been the witness of long periods since the Antiquity, and it can still be admired in Rouen’s architecture.

About France

Rouen presents a wonderful heritage symbolysed by Notre-Dame’s cathedral. Its spire is more than 150 m high, making it the highest of France! Leaving the cathedral, follow the Gros-Horloge street which is the main shopping place of Rouen.

You will discover in this street bordered by many half-timbered houses the majestic Gros-Horloge ; the astronomic clock present on this stony arch was built during the 14th century. Go on until the Old Market square ; this is the place where Jeanne d’Arc was burnt in 1431. The exact location of the stake is still visible via a large cross...

Remember that visiting these amazing monuments is only a tiny part of what you can do in Rouen...

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  • Value for money
    A learning curve. |
    "We wanted to reserve seats on the TGV trains from Paris, but not knowing French too well, had a long, long period trying to sort out our travel itinerary with the French railway cashier, but finally ( after a panic filled hour ), managed to sort things out. The staff were extremely helpful to me and my carer ( I am disabled ), and helped us to board our train successfully. "

  • Value for money
    To Giverny and Bizy Chateau |
    "Vernon is the nearest station to Giverny, 4 kms to visit Monet's garden, or Chateau Bizy. The trip was a comfortable one, as there's a slopping floor to wheel luggage inside the carriage to the baggage racks. Train was on time, clean, fast and smoothe. We did NOT travel at peak times - I recommend this, to avoid the more crowded times, when you have luggage. Taxis are plentiful at the St Lazare end but scarce in Vernon where you need to pre-book them. Don't miss the Saturday morning Farmers' Market in Vernon- it's really excellent. Other days we caught the trains on the same line to Rouen and Le Havre, which was very convenient. "