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St. Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia

St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia located at the eastern tip of the Baltic sea. The city is for many the highlight of any trip to Russia. The extraordinary Hermitage Museum, the beautiful summer palaces, ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre and the magnificent European-inspired architecture, boulevards and tree-lined canals along with its large historic centre, baroque bridges and museums make it one of the top 10 destinations in the world. Sapsan, the Russian high speed train, links St. Petersburg with Moscow in about 4 hours. St. Petersburg can also be reached from Helsinki in 3h36 by the Allegro train.


Coming to St. Petersburg by train appears to be really convenient as you find yourself in the centre of the city. Starting from the railway station, take the Metro (line 1) to go to the Ploshad Vosstaniya station. From here you can make a wonderful walk along the legendary Nevsky Prospect.

The Prospect is the converging place of the city’s cultural, business and shopping life where you will find famous boutiques and unusual shops, luxurious restaurants and cozy cafes, small parks, impressive monuments, beautiful cathedrals and the famous Palace square with the Hermitage that is truly a must see in St. Petersburg. The Nevsky Prospect is an ideal place to feel the spirit of the city.

On the Ostrovskogo square you will find red double-decker City Tour buses that are a really convenient way to discover the main sights of St. Petersburg. Take a tour in the morning and during the whole day you can hop on and hop off the red buses that will take you round the historical centre of the city, including the tremendous St. Isaak’s cathedral, the Hermitage, the Peter-and-Paul’s fortress where St. Petersburg was founded and other “must see” places of St. Petersburg. Inside the bus you can listen to an excursion provided in 10 different languages.

Our tip: In summer the legendary White Nights come to St. Petersburg. The best thing to do is to go on a night boat trip along the rivers and canals of the city and take pleasure of views provided by the Palace bridge when it is raised at night.

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