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The spectacular middle of Spain

Toledo, a precious heritage under the spanish sun

Spain’s former capital Toledo sits majestically on a hilltop overlooking the plains of Castilla La Mancha. The River Tagus loops around its jumbled Old Town, whose crooked alleyways twist around churches, mosques and synagogues. Look down on the terracotta roofs from the hulking fortress.

About Spain

Toledo’s patrimony is so impressive, that the city was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO already back in 1986. It still bears the marks of a multicultural History.

Due to its central situation on the map of Spain, Toledo was at the heart of the Reconquista, 1000 years ago. Come for Easter and get the chance to visit monasteries that are closed during the rest of the year. Discover more about traditionnal knives, blades and swords. Feast upon an incredible variety of local tapas.

Follow the tracks of Don Quixote, and then, let your eyes feed on the utmost beauty of a lively city named Toledo.

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