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Zurich, an elegant Swiss metropolis

About Switzerland

Getting there You can get to Zurich from Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 04:07 AU$120
From Amsterdam 11:34 AU$78
From Milan 03:41 AU$51
From Frankfurt 04:10 AU$39
From Berlin 11:02 AU$46
From Munich 04:11 AU$97
From Prague 14:48 AU$46
From Vienna 07:50 AU$94
From Geneva 02:43 AU$102
From Interlaken 01:53 AU$90
From Budapest 11:15 AU$78
From Basel 00:53 AU$39
From Salzburg 05:24 AU$126
From Lucerne 00:46 AU$31
From Cologne 05:29 AU$39
From Innsbruck 03:36 AU$62
From Bern 00:56 AU$64
From Stuttgart 02:57 AU$83
From Dijon 02:33 AU$88
From Hamburg 07:36 AU$46
From Zagreb 14:43
From Dusseldorf 06:33 AU$228
From Como 03:06 AU$51
From Lausanne 02:08 AU$92
From Dresden 09:41 AU$46
From Ljubljana 12:10 AU$158
From Heidelberg 03:58 AU$123
From Strasbourg 03:10 AU$14
From Freiburg 01:48 AU$92
From Hanover 06:19 AU$46
From Mannheim 03:15 AU$156
From Bonn 05:46 AU$46
From Mulhouse 01:19 AU$69
From Graz 10:56 AU$142
From Karlsruhe 02:50 AU$122
From Linz 06:33 AU$142
From Utrecht 11:20 AU$46
From Bochum 06:22 AU$186
From Landeck 02:46 AU$94
From Namur 07:45 AU$69
From Mainz 05:47 AU$39
From Lugano 02:39 AU$95
From Offenburg 03:20 AU$45
From Buchloe 03:27 AU$120
From Leipzig 10:00 AU$46
From Otztal 03:12 AU$88
From Arnhem 10:43 AU$46
From Koblenz 05:12 AU$46
From Colmar 03:33 AU$69
From Langen Am Arlberg 02:12 AU$81
From Weinfelden 00:48 AU$30
From Wil 00:44 AU$43
From Uzwil 00:41 AU$27
From Schaffhausen 00:38 AU$28
From Brunnen 00:54 AU$30
From Sargans 00:55 AU$40
From St Gallen 01:02 AU$52
From Singen 00:58 AU$31
From Rheinfelden 00:58 AU$34
From Arth Goldau 00:38 AU$41
From Ziegelbruecke 00:36 AU$28
From Zug 00:22 AU$19
From Winterthur 00:19 AU$17
From Uster 00:14 AU$12
From Aarau 00:24 AU$28
From Brugg 00:24 AU$19
From Rapperswil 00:36 AU$22
From Frauenfeld 00:36 AU$23
From Olten 00:31 AU$34
From Landquart 01:05 AU$46
From Buchs 01:08 AU$43
From Lindau 01:49 AU$71
From Rottweil 01:45 AU$68
From Bludenz 01:45 AU$59
From Visp 02:01 AU$124
From Brig 02:09 AU$124
From St Anton Am Arlberg 02:22 AU$85
From Bellinzona 02:15 AU$87
From Thalwhil 00:09 AU$7
From Bregenz 01:38 AU$68
From Goeschenen 01:36 AU$47
From Thun 01:22 AU$90
From Konstanz 01:18 AU$38
From Chur 01:15 AU$51
From Romanshorn 01:10 AU$38
From Fribourg 01:24 AU$73
From Tuttlingen 01:27 AU$46
From Spiez 01:33 AU$95
From Feldkirch 01:29 AU$67
From Baden Baden 02:34 AU$124
From Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 01:44 AU$77

Getting around From Zurich, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Thalwhil 00:17 AU$7
To Uster 00:22 AU$12
To Winterthur 00:28 AU$17
To Zug 00:29 AU$19
To Arth Goldau 00:42 AU$26
To Olten 00:50 AU$34
To Rapperswil 00:56 AU$22
To Lucerne 00:59 AU$31
To Aarau 01:00 AU$28
To Basel 01:04 AU$39
To Sargans 01:11 AU$40
To Romanshorn 01:11 AU$38
To St Gallen 01:14 AU$52
To Thun 01:22 AU$90
To Bern 01:26 AU$64
To Landquart 01:27 AU$46
To Brunnen 01:27 AU$30
To Einsiedeln 01:29 AU$23
To Flums 01:30 AU$36
To Spiez 01:32 AU$95
To Fribourg 01:34 AU$87
To Schaffhausen 01:35 AU$28
To Buchs 01:35 AU$43
To Chur 01:37 AU$51
To Bregenz 01:37 AU$68
To Bad Ragaz 01:38 AU$42
To Frauenfeld 01:41 AU$19
To Feldkirch 01:43 AU$52
To Mulhouse 01:43 AU$51
To Lindau 01:49 AU$71
To Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 01:52 AU$77
To Wil 01:53 AU$24
To Weinfelden 01:56 AU$26
To Ziegelbruecke 01:57 AU$28
To Visp 02:00 AU$124
To Uzwil 02:00 AU$31
To Brig 02:09 AU$124
To Konstanz 02:11 AU$52
To Goeschenen 02:17 AU$47
To Lausanne 02:19 AU$107
To Colmar 02:30 AU$69
To St Margrethen 02:31 AU$44
To Morges 02:40 AU$115
To Biel 02:43 AU$96
To Bellinzona 02:44 AU$73
To Langen Am Arlberg 02:49 AU$81
To Baden Baden 02:50 AU$124
To Rheinfelden 02:55 AU$34
To Interlaken 02:55 AU$90
To Geneva 02:55 AU$116
To Singen 02:57 AU$45
To Montreux 02:58 AU$113
To St Anton Am Arlberg 02:59 AU$85
To Neuchatel (loc) 03:00 AU$89
To Bludenz 03:05 AU$59
To Como 03:07 AU$51
To Lugano 03:19 AU$81
To Engelberg 03:19 AU$47
To Landeck 03:23 AU$94
To Tuttlingen 03:25 AU$60
To Sarnen 03:33 AU$43
To Martigny 03:40 AU$109
To Milan 03:41 AU$114
To Rottweil 03:42 AU$68
To Arosa 03:46 AU$64
To Buchloe 03:47 AU$120
To Freiburg 03:50 AU$92
To Sierre/siders 04:02 AU$134
To Innsbruck 04:14 AU$62
To Horb 04:15 AU$45
To Pontresina 04:19 AU$95
To Besançon 04:26 AU$96
To Zernez 04:30 AU$78
To Heidelberg 04:44 AU$137
To Kempten 04:47 AU$93
To Davos 04:48
To Strasbourg 05:01 AU$14
To Dijon 05:13 AU$88
To St Moritz 05:18 AU$110
To Zermatt 05:23 AU$170
To Metz 05:34 AU$122
To Salzburg 05:36 AU$126
To Karlsruhe 05:44 AU$137
To Mannheim 05:45 AU$156
To Florence 05:46 AU$194
To Luxembourg 06:15 AU$164
To Worgl 06:36 AU$122
To Stuttgart 06:40 AU$97
To Paris 06:45 AU$120
To Kufstein 06:47 AU$128
To Otztal 07:08 AU$102
To Mainz 07:10 AU$39
To Frankfurt 07:13 AU$39
To Nuremberg 07:13 AU$164
To Offenburg 07:14 AU$34
To Koblenz 08:04 AU$46
To Namur 08:07 AU$187
To Munich 08:46 AU$97
To Vienna 08:54 AU$126
To Brussels 08:55
To Cologne 09:29 AU$78
To Villach 09:35 AU$171
To Bologna 09:40 AU$146
To Bochum 09:56 AU$97
To Fulda 10:09 AU$205
To Wels 10:09 AU$142
To Graz 10:20 AU$142
To Hanover 10:20 AU$46
To Linz 10:27 AU$142
To Kassel 10:40 AU$34
To Dusseldorf 10:54 AU$228
To Rome 10:54 AU$235
To Goettingen 11:01 AU$34
To Berlin 11:37 AU$46
To Bonn 11:37 AU$46
To Utrecht 11:46 AU$78
To Hamburg 12:09 AU$46
To Budapest 12:09 AU$78
To Amsterdam 12:14 AU$46
To Dresden 12:21 AU$46
To Arnhem 12:21 AU$58
To Leipzig 12:38 AU$34
To Barcelona 13:06
To Prague 14:49 AU$46

While you're there

Zurich is an elegant metropolis situated on the lake bearing its name. Its central location in Switzerland and its perfect public transportation connections make Zurich the ideal holiday hub. Most of Switzerland can be easily reached for a day excursion using your train pass without having to pack and unpack every day. Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse is Europe’s most exclusive shopping street, the paradise for lovers of luxury and lifestyle goods.

Getting off the train at the Zürich main station, the starting point of your visit would be the historic centre. Walking along the east bank of the River Limmat, you will soon arrive to the Grossmünster Church with its famous tall twin towers. On the other side of the bank you’ll find the Fraumünster church decorated by Marc Chagall.

Our tip: Explore the city with a guided walking tour. Book at the Tourist Service at Zürich main train station and get 20% off with your coupon when you buy your train tickets online from Rail Europe.

Enjoy your lunch in the Niederdorf area by tasting the trademark dish - Züri Gschnetzlets (diced veal in a creamy mushroom sauce) served with Rösti (potato based dish). After lunch you can visit the Kunsthaus Museum or the Landesmuseum before enjoying the end of the day in one of the numerous cafés or pubs where you can also watch live music.

For a shopping spree, head to Bahnhofstrasse, which is Zürich’s main downtown street and regarded as one of the world’s most exclusive shopping avenues to find some of the most famous international and Swiss brands. When in the area, drop in the famous Confiserie Sprüngli to taste their famous chocolate inventions.

The old town is also a very attractive shopping area with fashion, jewellery and antique shops as well as the smaller and more traditional boutiques. Schipfe is the place to find the craftspeople who sell their handmade products along the river.

Zürich Tourism Tourist Service
8021 Zürich
Tel: +41 (0) 44 215 40 00

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Zurich can be found.

While trains are the convenient way to travel in Europe, planes are essential for bringing you from overseas. Major European cities are annexed to airports hubs, while important cities or towns are served by regional airports. Zurich is annexed to Switzerland.

Zurich railway station(s)

Zürich Hauptbahnhof Train Station

Zürich Hauptbahnhof Train Station

Address: Bahnhofplatz 7 8001 Zurich

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 5:30am to 11:15pm
Saturday and Sunday: 5:30am to 11:15pm
Public holidays: 5:30am to 11:15pm

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV Lyria, ICE), Regional trains, Inter City trains
Rail Service Information, Ticket Office, Currency Exchange, Assistance for disabled persons, Lost and found, Police station, Tourist Information Point, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet and Phone cabins.

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Nearest airport

Zürich Flughafen Airport

Zürich Flughafen Airport

Address: Zurich Airport 8058 Zurich

Zürich Flughafen Airport is about 12 km away from the Zurich city centre. It is by far the largest and most important airport in Switzerland. Zürich Flughafen Airport offers flights to over 200 destinations in the world.

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Customer reviews

  • "family holiday"    
    excellent service very comfortable and punctual the scenery on this journey was amazing  
  • "Very Good"    
    Great trip  
  • "Our recent rail journey."    
    My wife and I both in our 60s enjoyed our rail journey from Mulhouse to Zurich. The train was very clean and comfortable and although about 15 minutes late due to trackwork ran pretty much to schedule. Different staff we spoke to at Mulhouse station were very helpful with our enquiries. The only difficulty I encountered was getting our rather heavy bags up the stairs to the luggage storage area on the upper floor where our seats were located so that we could keep an eye on the bags during the trip. Arranging the tickets before we left home was very easy and without problems with the tickets being mailed to us promptly as agreed. The price we paid was very reasonable we thought. We will definitely be happy to travel with Rail Europe again when we are next visiting Europe.  
  • "Travel as it should be"    
    After difficulty trying to locate the correct platform at Gare de Lyon, this journey was a lovely way to move from Paris to Zurich. The train was very clean and comfortable and on time. Very relaxing. We made time for lunch at Le Train Bleu at Gare de Lyon, this was a highlight of several weeks travel.  
  • "The way to go"    
    Great train. Bit slow but that just gives more time to catch some great scenery. Free wi fi is excellent.  
  • "smooth trip"    
    we used this rain trip to see some of the country side, it was easier to do than by plane. The train was very comfortable and while not as fast as some others in europe it was ok  
  • "Travel in comfort"    
    An ideal way to travel without the waiting at airports and problem free. What a way to relax! And you know where your bags are the whole time  
  • "Amazing Scenery "    
    The station in Zurich is very conveniently set within an easy walk of hotels and most tourist attractions. A great break from air travel.Connections to other cities is very simple at Zurich. Food at Zurich station was very expensive as were the toilets. Scenery was amazing  
  • "Train Convenience"    
    The station in Salzburg is very conveniently set within an easy walk of hotels and most tourist attractions including the old town. A great break from air travel.  
  • "Europe trip"    
    Fast and convenient  
  • "Milan to Zurich Sept 2015"    
    Convenient trip, but trains could use an upgrade. Some bag storage in second class would be a plus, and 7 Euro for two pretty bad cups of coffee is a bit exorbitant. Otherwise a fine trip with a spectacular view through the Alps.  
  • "Train v Plane"    
    I think it was good value and probably was quicker than flying. My only complaint was that I was sitting backwards and I would prefer to sit facing the direction I am travelling. Seats and carriage was comfortable otherwise. Would take the train again.  
  • "Stressful start but good outco"    
    We had four pages printed out which we thought were our tickets, but the information counter at Zuerich HB made us very distressed and advised us that we wouldn't be able to travel on these tickets and that there was nothing they could do to help us. We had all but given up hope that we would get on, when we decided to ask the man at the train. He looked us up on his ticket machine thingy told us our seat numbers and there was no problem at all.. Very helpful employees of the train company.. the seats were comfortable and the meal was adequate.  
  • "Easy train travel"    
    This train journey was terrific. We had first class seats and they were very comfortable with plenty of room for luggage. We were also served a very tasty lunch. All in all a good fast trip.  
  • "excellent"    
    fast, clean and comfy..  
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