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Get inspired and plan your trip across Europe with our country guides.

Country guides


Breathtaking views on the Alps and Art in each place, Austria will offer you a symphony of colors by mixing nature, culture, music and baroque architecture.


Beer and chocolate, Art Nouveau architecture and medieval buildings, Belgium is a small country full of contrasts. So just come and see it!


Board on Train to Benelux!


Located in the South-eastern Europe, The Republic of Bulgaria deserves to be known and visited in many respects.


Croatia is the fashionable destination for some years yet, and really deserves to be visited.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic deserves to be known in many respects, so take your camera and walking shoes and get ready to explore it.


Ragged seaboards and old towns dating back to the middle Ages, that is what is waiting for you in Denmark.


From the famous Stonehenge to the trendy pubs of the capital, England is a country of contrasts that’s worth the visit.


If you like fresh air and huge water lakes, what about going to Finland ?


France is not only Paris, its Eiffel Tower and its Moulin Rouge. It’s also majestic mountains, beautiful beaches and picturesque countryside.


Lederhosen traditional costume and Sauerkraut are only a part of Germany, but looking beyond the folklore, you will discover the great diversity of Germany.


Visit the incredible archeological heritage Unesco-listed or bask on a sunny island beach. Beauty is everywhere in Greece.


If Hungary is not on your “Liszt” you should add it right now, you will not have any regrets.


Ireland is becoming a popular destination and a great way to travel through this country to experience the magical landscape is by train.


Welcome to this art history book which is Italy. Visiting the country is like learning the history of our old world!


Even if the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the smallest country in Europe, the railroad network is about 250 kilometers long. So it’s easy to travel by train.


Located in the peninsula of Balkan region, the Republic of Macedonia has amazing archeological sites and provides a landscape of mountains and about fifty lakes.


The country was called Montenegro by the Venetian sailors during the Middle Ages since they could only make out the dark color of the pine forest when they arrived here.


Tulip fields, famous cheese, windmill and canals: take a train to Netherlands and discover this beautiful country.


A wonder of nature, that’s what Norway is. Sparkling fjords water, majestic mountains, beautiful valleys and wild forests, you will love it!

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