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In the countryside, explore windswept beaches, dense forests, pristine lakes and underground caves.

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Brussels Brugge 00:53 AU$ 29
Antwerp Brussels 00:35 AU$ 15
Brugge Antwerp 01:18 AU$ 31
Brussels Ypres 01:39 AU$ 36
Namur Brussels 01:01 AU$ 20
Gembloux Brussels 00:51 AU$ 14
Ottignies Brussels 00:38 AU$ 8
Hasselt Brussels 01:03 AU$ 28
Lier Brussels 00:43 AU$ 15
Brussels Genk 01:36 AU$ 31
Zeebrugge Brussels 01:41 AU$ 33
Libramont Brussels 02:02 AU$ 40
Brussels Jemelle 01:43 AU$ 34
Brussels Tournai 01:06 AU$ 28
Brussels Verviers 01:25 AU$ 36
Brussels Turnhout 01:16 AU$ 26
Braine Lalleud Brussels 00:14 AU$ 8
Brussels Leuven 00:24 AU$ 11
Brussels Soignies 00:24 AU$ 14
Brussels Louvain La Neuv O 00:57 AU$ 11
Brussels Eupen 01:47 AU$ 40
Mechelen Brussels 00:23 AU$ 8
Kortrijk Brussels 01:05 AU$ 28
Brussels Spa 02:12 AU$ 39
Blankenberge Brussels 01:22 AU$ 33
Brussels Charleroi 00:45 AU$ 20
Brussels De Panne 01:49 AU$ 40
Brussels Mons 00:40 AU$ 22
Sint Niklaas Brussels 01:10 AU$ 20
Brussels Mol 02:20 AU$ 26
Ostend Brussels 01:19 AU$ 36
Brussels Zottegem 00:34 AU$ 15
Ghent Brussels 00:30 AU$ 20
Mouscron Brussels 01:15 AU$ 31
Brussels Oudenaarde 00:46 AU$ 22
Deinze Brussels 00:46 AU$ 23
Liege Brussels 00:41 AU$ 29


Belgium’s national railway company is known as Nationale Maatschappij der Belgische Spoorwegen (NMBS) in Dutch and as Société nationale des chemins de fer belges (SNCB) in French. Belgium has one of Europe’s most important railway networks with a total of over 3,000 km of tracks. Major international trains serve Belgium and its main cities. The international high speed trains are Thalys, Eurostar and DB. Brussels the capital city has a direct connection with Paris thanks to the Thalys high speed train.


The capital of Belgium, Brussels, with its 17th architecture and its Art Nouveau buildings , is amazing. Antwerp is worth the detour and the charming waterways of the old cities of Bruges and Ghent are delightful. By train, reach Namur and its citadel or Mons to enjoy the gothic style.


Travelling by train is a good way to see the landscapes. From the Ardennes mountains and all the footpaths around to the Flemish’s beaches, walk, cycle and windsurf to discover the variety of activities that offers Belgium, or learn the history of the country wandering through Flanders’ battlefield.

Take Home

If you would like to go shopping, bargain-hunting on the flea market place, Place du Jeu de Balle or in the Antiques shops of the pleasant area of Sablon Square in Brussels. Bring back from Belgium some chocolates in Namur Galler’s Chocolat-Thé shop for your friends and family, and you will find all type of articles in Liège or Antwerp.

Eat & Drink

If you go by train, stop in each train station of Belgium to sample the gastronomy of the country. Try Ardennes’ delicious “paté”, enjoy the waffles in Flanders, taste some beers and, of course, savour the chocolates!

New Perspective

Discover the surprising Atonium, built for the Universal Exhibition in Brussels in 1958. From the upper sphere, if the day is enough clear, you will be able to see as far as Antwerp’s cathedral.

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