Czech Republic

Many visitors fail to make it past Prague, but beyond the tourist hoards of the capital ornate town squares, towering church spires and dramatic castles abound across this fledgling country built on ancient lands.

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Kutna Hora Hlavni Prague 01:31 AU$ 38
Prague Bohumin 03:16 AU$ 80
Cheb Prague 02:33
Prague Prerov 02:33 AU$ 61
Marianske L Prague 02:15 AU$ 41
Prague Breclav 03:15
Prague Brno 02:40 AU$ 57
Prague Cesky Krumlov 03:28 AU$ 47
Prague Pardubice 00:57 AU$ 39
Hranice Na Morave Prague 02:53 AU$ 77

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The national railway network of Czech Republic is made up of over 9,000 km of tracks. České dráhy also known as Czech Railways is the national railway operator in Czech Republic. The country has international rail connections with bordering countries including Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Poland. Major cities which are also main travel hubs are Prague, Břeclav and Ostrava. The busiest railway station of Czech Republic is found in Prague, the capital city. Indeed the Praha hlavní nádraží, also known as Prague main railway station, served over 20 million passengers in 2014.


Of course there is the magnificent Czech Republic’s capital, Prague that obviously is worth the visit. But do not forget to discover the rest of the country. Take a train and cross it all to get this new country built on an ancient one. The must-see cities you should experience are probably Ceské Budejovice, Liberec and Ceské Kladno.


The landscape is marked out with castles that are waiting for you. On the western side of Czech Republic, admire the undulating basin of Bohemia and climb the Giant Mountains (1602 m high). This will be perfect for those who love nature and sports.

Take home

Bohemian part of the country provides a good-value: crystal! Other typical souvenirs you can get will be marionettes and wooden toys. If you prefer precious stones, you can find garnets or jantar.

Eat and Drink

If you travel by train from city to city, you may try sausages (Klobasa), with beer (or Absinth, which is stronger). You will soon see for yourself the difference from one region to another. If you are not on diet, try dumplings and sauerkraut.

New Perspective

Enjoy the historic villages and vineyards of Valtice and Mikulov and taste the wines. Those are on the southern part of Czech Republic, in the region of Moravia, that you can reach by train, and visit cycling to fully admire the landscape.

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