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Outside the French capital lively cities, from Marseille to Mulhouse, ooze culture like a ripe brie while 22 regions dish up unique local food, wine and joie de vivre. Take along your phrase book and uncover France beyond the clichés.

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Nice Paris 05:39 AU$ 31
Paris Avignon 02:36 AU$ 39
Paris Lyon 01:56 AU$ 39
Paris Cdg Airport Nice 06:35 AU$ 113
Paris Marseille 03:05 AU$ 39
Avignon Nice 02:56 AU$ 31
Nice Lyon 04:27 AU$ 46
Paris Bordeaux 03:14 AU$ 31
Nice Marseille 02:32 AU$ 36
Paris Cdg Airport Avignon 03:09 AU$ 62
Paris Cdg Airport Lyon 01:59 AU$ 39
Toulouse Paris 05:29 AU$ 23
Bordeaux Nice 08:50 AU$ 31
Paris Montpellier 03:19 AU$ 39
Marseille Paris Cdg Airport 03:47 AU$ 46
Avignon Lyon 01:02 AU$ 23
Paris Monaco 06:03 AU$ 59
Toulouse Nice 06:43 AU$ 31
Marseille Avignon 00:27 AU$ 22
Paris Cdg Airport Bordeaux 04:16 AU$ 57
Montpellier Nice 04:26 AU$ 31
Marseille Lyon 01:36 AU$ 31
Paris Dijon 01:31 AU$ 23
Monaco Nice 00:14 AU$ 14
Avignon Bordeaux 05:33 AU$ 74


France has one of the most extensive and modern railway networks in Europe. The railway network is managed by SNCF, the French national railway company. SNCF literally stands for Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français in French. More than 32,000 km of railway tracks are managed by SNCF. The group is a leading travel company in France and throughout the world. The high speed rail service in France is almost entirely operated by SNCF through its flagship trains called the TGV. Other local and regional trains are operated by the company. Regional trains are called TER. A seat reservation is mandatory for pass holders to travel on board the TGV.


In Paris and around, you have already a lot to see. Pompidou Center, Louvre museum, Versailles Castle and so one are waiting for you. From France’s capital, you can hop on a train to discover the German influence in Strasbourg, the Spanish one in Toulouse. You can also stroll in Bordeaux neo-classical streets or discover Renaissance Lyon and its “traboules”.


France is everything that you want. Board a train to Provence to be wowed by the landscape. Explore the numerous Loire Valley Castles or be touched by the Prehistoric Painted caves in Dordogne. If you like nature, enjoy canoeing along Ardèche’s river, go skiing in the Pyrenees or run to Camargue plateau to admire wild horses.

Take Home

If you like high-end fashion, you’ll find beautiful shops in Paris, Bordeaux, or Cannes. Buy some foie gras in Dordogne while you visit. In the Provence region, pick up olive oil and by-products. If you like wines, Loire Valley, Burgundy and Bordeaux regions provide excellent ones.

Eat & Drink

If you’re visiting France by train, stop on Toulouse to taste the Cassoulet. In eastern region Alsace try the choucroute, or the Bouillabaisse (fish soup) with anise-flavoured Pastis if you are near Marseille.

New Perspective

If you’re fond of contemporary art, wander around the Abattoirs in Toulouse or around Paris’ Palais de Tokyo, or enjoy the view from the new Millau’s viaduct, an amazing bridge.

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