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Explore Berlin's explosive art scene, Hamburg's restless harbour life, Dresden's golden opera and Düsseldorf's chic boutiques. Germany's romantic river valleys and deep forests take you to fairytale castles, baroque cathedrals and charming beer gardens. Prost!

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Frankfurt Berlin 03:43 AU$ 45
Munich Frankfurt 03:14 AU$ 45
Munich Berlin 05:55 AU$ 45
Cologne Frankfurt 00:53 AU$ 33
Cologne Berlin 04:07 AU$ 76
Munich Cologne 04:25 AU$ 45
Frankfurt Stuttgart 01:15 AU$ 40
Berlin Stuttgart 05:02 AU$ 181
Stuttgart Munich 02:04 AU$ 88
Hamburg Frankfurt 03:21 AU$ 201
Berlin Hamburg 01:37 AU$ 121
Munich Hamburg 05:37 AU$ 45
Frankfurt Dusseldorf 01:16 AU$ 101
Dusseldorf Berlin 04:01 AU$ 45
Dusseldorf Munich 04:48 AU$ 45
Frankfurt Dresden 05:05 AU$ 45
Berlin Dresden 02:04 AU$ 70
Cologne Stuttgart 02:11 AU$ 122
Nuremberg Frankfurt 01:59 AU$ 85
Munich Dresden 05:42 AU$ 211
Nuremberg Berlin 04:34 AU$ 115
Frankfurt Heidelberg 00:48 AU$ 6
Berlin Heidelberg 04:42 AU$ 45
Munich Nuremberg 01:08 AU$ 87
Cologne Hamburg 04:01 AU$ 153


Germany is a leader in rail transport in Europe. With over 41,000 km of railway tracks, trains go everywhere in Germany. The national rail company of Germany is known as the Deutsche Bahn (DB). The German high speed trains are called ICE (InterCity Express). The ICE trains mostly operate locally, however they do operate on some international routes to the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, France and Denmark. Other trains which operate in Germany are the EuroCity which are international long-distance trains, the Intercity which are national long-distance trains and the EuroNight which are international night trains.


Head East Germany and enjoy the arty Berlin or the lively harbor of Hamburg. Hop on train to the west and admire the majestic gothic cathedral of Cologne. If you like Middle Ages, go south to visit the medieval city of Heidelberg. You should also experience the eclectic Munich.


In the Middle Rhine Valley, board on a cruise and see the Unesco-listed area with its vine landscapes. If you’re more after undulating views, you should go hiking in the Black Forest or in the Hunsrück. Then take a train to Upper Bavaria and enjoy the chocolate-box villages and the otherworldly castles.

Take Home

If you go trekking to the Black Forest, bring back traditional souvenirs such as the Cuckoo clocks. Fond of good pastries? Find some Marzepan from Lüsbeck, just delightful. To go shopping, board a train to Munich or Düsseldorf, that provide a lot of boutiques.

Eat & Drink

Taste some beers like the golden Pilsener or the dark Altbier. Among the typical food, test the sauerkraut (meat and pickled cabbage), the famous currywurst (curry sausage) from Berlin or, if you stay in the north of Germany, try the herring-type rollmops.

New Perspective

On your way from Cologne to Koblenz, a very old and touristic city, you’ll have an amazing view on castles and vineyard of the Rhine Valley from the Ehrenbreitstein fortress, don’t forget your camera!

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