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Just a short hop in any direction will bring you to lively university towns, sandy beaches and innovative post-war architecture. Explore wide-open countryside with sparkling lakes to swim in during the summer, or skate on in winter.

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Popular journeys

Amsterdam Rotterdam 00:36 AU$ 22
Utrecht Amsterdam 00:24 AU$ 11
Amsterdam Heerenveen 01:56 AU$ 34
Amsterdam Oss 01:36 AU$ 25
Eindhoven Amsterdam 01:20 AU$ 28
Amsterdam Sittard 02:10 AU$ 36
Kerkrade Centrum Amsterdam 03:13 AU$ 37
Roosendal Amsterdam 01:48 AU$ 31
Haarlem Amsterdam 00:18 AU$ 6
Baarn Amsterdam 00:37 AU$ 9
Amsterdam Assen 01:49 AU$ 36
Amsterdam Weert 01:41 AU$ 31
Amsterdam Leeuwarden 02:14 AU$ 36
Heiloo Amsterdam 00:32 AU$ 9
Lelystad Amsterdam 00:36 AU$ 14
Amsterdam Nijmegen 01:25 AU$ 26
Amsterdam Castricum 00:23 AU$ 8
Amsterdam Hoogeveen 00:32 AU$ 33
Hengelo Amsterdam 01:57 AU$ 46
Maastricht Amsterdam 02:24 AU$ 37
Amsterdam Breda 01:08 AU$ 29
Amsterdam Venlo 01:58
Amsterdam Deventer 01:12 AU$ 25
Zwolle Amsterdam 01:07 AU$ 26
Amsterdam Dordrecht 01:27 AU$ 25
Hook Of Holland Amsterdam 01:16 AU$ 40
Amsterdam Vlissingen 02:56 AU$ 37
Amsterdam Goes 02:13 AU$ 36
Amsterdam Groningen 02:07 AU$ 37
Amsterdam Amersfoort 00:34 AU$ 12
Middelburg Amsterdam 02:45 AU$ 37
Zandvoort Aan Zee Amsterdam 00:30 AU$ 8
Gouda Amsterdam 00:52 AU$ 15
Amsterdam Roermond 01:54 AU$ 33
Amsterdam Heerlen 02:34 AU$ 37
Delft Amsterdam 00:53 AU$ 19


The Netherlands has over 2,800 km of railway tracks. Though the network is relatively small, the connections between the main cities of Holland are excellent. The national railway operator is the Dutch Railways, also known as Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS). High speed trains operating in the Netherlands are mostly international trains. The trains include the Thalys, Eurostar and ICE. High speed trains can run at a speed of up to 300 km/h. There are railway links to neighbouring countries including Belgium, France, the UK and Germany. Travellers who visit Amsterdam, the amazing capital city of the Netherlands, can get off the high speed train at Amsterdam Central, Amsterdam Zuid or Amsterdam Schipol railway station.


You must visit Amsterdam and cycle along the famous canals. Stop in museums and go south to Rotterdam, characterized by its post-war architecture. Then what do you think about taking a train to La Hague or to Groningen to experience the lively student city? Go to Maastricht and visit this cosmopolitan city surrounding by hilly landscapes.


Rent a bike to cycle and to have a breath of fresh air through green fields, swim in sparkling lakes and explore the northern provinces of Netherlands boarding a train to Overijssel or Drenthe. Enjoy skating as all the inhabitants do as soon as the climate allows it.

Take Home

Take a train to reach Vermeer’s hometown, Delft, and while you are visiting, buy some blue ceramics. Bring back some clog shoes from the biggest factory of Netherland, in Beltrum. You can’t come back without some Gouda or Edam cheese. If you stay in Keukenhof, flower bulbs can be a pleasant gift.

Eat & Drink

In those Northern lands, raw herring is quite a traditional food. Pannekoekenhuis (pancake houses) are all over the place, and the typical “brown” cafés as well. Try the beer and order some bitterballen (croquettes), except if you are on a diet…

New Perspective

Travel by train to Friesland Province, a southwestern province of Netherlands, and choose to stay at Stavoren’s De Vrouwe van hotel, there you will be surprised by what can be done with enormous wine casks…

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