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Home to the Matterhorn and flower-strewn meadows, sample the Bear Garden in Bern, the Palais des Nations in Geneva and go Nordic walking in the mighty Alps.

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Popular journeys

Zurich Geneva 02:43 AU$ 113
Interlaken Zurich 01:53 AU$ 88
Zurich Basel 00:53 AU$ 38
Geneva Interlaken 02:33 AU$ 93
Zurich Lucerne 00:45 AU$ 30
Geneva Basel 02:35 AU$ 101
Interlaken Basel 01:54 AU$ 69
Geneva Lucerne 02:45 AU$ 90
Lucerne Interlaken 01:05 AU$ 58
Basel Lucerne 01:01 AU$ 38
Bern Zurich 00:56 AU$ 63
Geneva Bern 01:41 AU$ 58
Bern Interlaken 00:42 AU$ 35
Basel Bern 00:56 AU$ 46
Lucerne Bern 01:00 AU$ 47
Zurich Lausanne 02:08 AU$ 104
Geneva Lausanne 00:33 AU$ 25
Interlaken Lausanne 02:05 AU$ 68
Lausanne Basel 02:08 AU$ 88
Lucerne Lausanne 02:10 AU$ 79
Lausanne Bern 01:06 AU$ 41
Zurich Bellinzona 02:14 AU$ 71
St Margrethen Zurich 01:39 AU$ 41
Zurich St Gallen 01:02 AU$ 50
Zurich Frauenfeld 00:33 AU$ 19
Zurich Wil 00:42 AU$ 24
Zurich Buchs 01:08 AU$ 41
Neuchatel (loc) Zurich 02:59 AU$ 96
Zurich Landquart 01:04 AU$ 44


The Swiss national railway company is the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB-CFF-FFS). Switzerland has one of the best railway network and public transportation system in Europe. The country is known for having some of the world’s best scenic trains including the Glacier Express, the Gornergratbahn and the Jungfraubahn. Thanks to international high speed trains, Switzerland has connections with France, Italy and Germany.


The public transport network is excellent in Switzerland, so travel as much as you can by train or another public transport to visit the whole country. Bern, the capital, offers touristic sites such as Einstein’s house or the clock tower. Board a train to Lausanne to visit the cathedral, the museums and the amazing bridges. Finally, go to Zurich and experience the bustling nightlife in the Old Town.


The landscapes are majestic in here. If you need a breath of fresh air or if you want to change of scenery, hop on a train to Switzerland and feast your eyes with the beautiful lakes, orchards, glaciers and mountains that you will find here.

Take Home

The typical souvenir you would buy is probably the Swiss army knife. Then why don’t you buy some watches or jewelleries which are traditional as well? If you prefer food, bring back home some cheese and chocolates!

Eat & Drink

Try the excellent but heavy Fondue, bubbling cheese and white wine in which you dunk bread or pieces of meat. You can easily find some pies, quiches or potato dishes as well. Of course you will have to taste chocolates!

New perspective

Take a train to Basel and visit this city thanks to a two-wheeled self-balancing electric vehicle, it is called the Segway. It will enable you to discover the city in an original and faster way!

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The national railway company of Switzerland is SBB.
A Eurail Pass valid in Switzerland is also valid for travel on several private railway companies:

Please check the validity on "Swiss Railways Companies" and "Swiss Shipping Companies" tabs.


BSB, SBS and ÖBB 50% discount

  • Boat crossings on Lake Constance (Bodensee) from May to October Wilhelm-Tell-Express discounted fare; www.wilhelmtellexpress.com,
  • Nostalgic boat crossings Luzern-Flüelen and connecting train ride from Flüelen to Locarno/Lugano.Reservation is compulsory.

Wilhelm Tell Express discounted fare

  • Nostalgic boat crossings Luzern-Flüelen and connecting train ride to Locarno/Lugano (reservation compulsory)


Bernina Express

  • Chur/St Moritz - Tirano - Lugano: reduced fare for the compulsory train reservation from Chur/St Moritz to Tirano and for the connecting bus service to Lugano

Discounted private railway companies from 25% to 50% discount

  • BB Bürgenstockbahn Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock
  • BET Bergbahnen Engelberg - Trübsee - Titlis / Engelberg - Kleintitlis
  • BLM Lauterbrunnen - Grütschalp - Mürren
  • BOB Berner Oberland - Bahnen
  • GGB Gornergratbahn
  • JB Jungfraubahn
  • PB Pilatusbahn (Alpnachstad - Pilatus Kulm / Kriens - Fräkmüntegg - Pilatus Kulm)
  • MGB Matterhorn - Gotthard Bahn
  • RB Rigi - Bahn
  • SthB Stanserhorn Bahn
  • WAB Wengeralpbahn

Verkehrsmuseum 25% discount on entrance fee
Transport Museum in Lucerne

A pass valid in Switzerland is also valid on the following private transport companies :

Railway Company Name Routes
SBB-CFF-FFSSwiss Federal Railwaysmain lines
ABAppenzeller BahnenAG Gossau/St.Gallen-Appenzell-Altstätten
ASMAare Seeland mobil ABiel - Täuffelen - Ins
ASMAare Seeland mobil AGOberaargau - Jura
ASMAare Seeland mobil AGSolothurn - Niederbipp
MBCChemin de ferBière-Apples-Morges
BDWMBDWM Transport AGBremgarten - Dietikon
BDWMTransport AGWohlen - Meisterschwanden
BLS-blsBLS AGEmmental - Burgdorf - Thun
BLS-blsBLS AGSolothurn - Moutier
BLS-blsBLS AGVevey - Mont-Pélerin
BLS-blsBLS AGBern - Lötschberg - Simplon
BLS-bnBLS AGBern - Neuchatel
BLS-gbsBLS AGBern – Thun / Schwarzenburg
BLS-sezBLS AGSpiez – Erlenbach - Zweisimmen
BLTBaselland Transport AGBirsigtal - Birseck
BLTBaselland Transport AGLa Chaux-de-Fonds
CJChemins de Fer du JuraTavannes/Gloveller
CJChemins de Fer du JuraKoblenz Grenze – Waldshut
FARTFerrovie Autoliniee Regionali TicinesiLocarno - Camedo trs
FBForchbahn AGZürich Stadelhofen – Forch - Esslingen
FWFrauenfeld-Wil-Bahn AGFrauenfeld – Will
LEBChemin de ferLausanne - Echallens – Bercher
MOBMontreux Oberland BernoisMontreux - Spiez
MVRTransports Montreux-Vevey-RivieraBlonay-Chamby
NStCMChemin de fer Nyon-St.Cergue-MorezNyon - La Cure
OCChemin de fer Orbe-ChavornayOrbe - Chavornay
RBSRegionalverkehr Bern - SolothurnBern - Solothurn/Worb
RhBRhätische Bahn AGChur – Davos – St. Moritz and Graubünden
SOBSüdostbahnBodensee - Toggenburg
SSIFSocietà subalpina di imprese ferroviarieDomodossola-Locarno
SZUSihltal-Zürich-Uetliberg-BahnSihltal - Zürich - Uetliberg
TBTrogenerbahn AGSt. Gallen - Trogen
THURBOTHURBO AGKonstanz – Wil / Romanshorn – Schaffhausen
TMRTransports de Martigny et Regions SAMartigny - Châtelard
TMRTransports de Martigny et Regions SAMartigny - Orsières
TPCTransports Public du Chablais SAAigle - Leysin
TPCTransports Public du Chablais SAAigle - Ollon - Monthey - Champéry
TPCTransports Public du Chablais SAAigle - Sépey - Les Diablerets
TPCTransports Public du Chablais SABex - Villars BVB
TPFTransports publique fribourgeoisGruyère-Fribourg-Morat
TRAVYSTRAVYS SAYverdon - Ste Croix
TRNTransports régionaux neuchâteloisLa Chaux de Fonds-Les Ponts de Martel
TRNTransports régionaux neuchâteloisLe Locle-Les Brenets
TRNTransports régionaux neuchâteloisTravers-Fleurier-Buttes - Neuchâtel
WBWaldenburgerbahnLiestal - Waldenburg
ZBZB Zentralbahn AGLuzern – Engelberg / Brüniglinie
Shipping Company Name Routes
BLS-brSbls schifffahrt thuner- und brienzerseeBrienzer See
BLS-thSbls schifffahrt thuner- und brienzerseeLake Thun
BSGBielersee-SchifffahrtsgesellschaftLake Bie
CGNCompagnie Générale de Navigation sur le Lac LémanLake Geneva
LNMSociété de Navigation sur les lacs Neuchâtel et MoratLake Neuchâtel and Lake Murten
SGVSchifffahrtsgesellschaft des VierwaldstätterseesLake Lucerne
URhSchweizerische Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Untersee and RhineUntersee und Rhein
ZSGZürichsee-SchifffahrtsgesellschaftLake Zurich