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Overview It borders the Black Sea to the east, Greece and Turkey to the south, Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia to the west, and Romania to the north, mostly along the Danube.
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Balgarski darzhavni zheleznitsi (BDZ) or the Bulgarian State Railways in English, is the national railway operator of Bulgaria. With just over 4,000 km of railway tracks, Bulgaria has a relatively small railway network. Yet more than 30 million people have travelled on board trains in Bulgaria, making it an important means of transportation. The main transport hub is Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. From Bulgaria, travellers can use the train to reach neighbouring countries such as Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania and Turkey.


After visiting the capital of the country, Sofia, board a train to Varna, in eastern Bulgaria. There, on the Black Sea, you can learn about the history, admire an amazing architecture and enjoy one of the numerous arts festivals, or wander round the lively streets, shops and cafés.


Plovdiv, the second city of Bulgaria after the capital, is the place to see. Plenty of lovely houses dating back to the 18th and 19th century, streets with old buildings that run alongside, it is worth the detour. Then take a train to Sofia to visit churches, monasteries, Word Heritage Sites and wow in front of the Thracian tombs.

Take home

Taste a little glass of wine, the local fine one from Melnik is delicious, and bring one bottle back so your friends can taste it as well! When you’re along the Black Sea, buy some articles cheaper than you would find them in the UK.

Eat & Drink

If you like meat you will be pleased to test the traditional gastronomy of Bulgaria. Try a meat soup as a starter, with some sausages, or tempt a kiopoolu (pastas with aubergine and sweet pepper). If you are not fond of local dishes, take a train to the beach resorts to find some food for all tastes.

New Perspective

Another way to see the country: travelling by train. You’ll meet the Bulgarians and share precious moment, or you can board a first-class sleeper train to arrive refreshed to your destination.

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