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Overview Damien Hirst’s conceptual art is as appreciated as Shakespearean plays, while the landscape runs the gamut from the dome of St Paul’s to the sweeping Yorkshire Dales.
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London Peterborough 00:45 AU$ 24
London Sandwich 01:31 AU$ 66
Swansea London 03:11 AU$ 67
Cambridge London 00:46 AU$ 13
London Stratford Upon A 01:59 AU$ 13
Harwich London 01:15 AU$ 22
London Manchester 02:07 AU$ 25
Doncaster London 01:29 AU$ 49
London Salisbury 01:22 AU$ 74
Nottingham London 01:31 AU$ 20
London Liverpool 02:14 AU$ 25
Glasgow London -11:-11 AU$ 42
Bristol London 01:23 AU$ 30
London Sheffield 02:00 AU$ 36
London Carlisle 03:15 AU$ 69
London Edinburgh -14:-38 AU$ 78
Oxenholme London -10:-24 AU$ 49
York London -12:-32 AU$ 30
London Lancaster -17:-1 AU$ 30
London Norwich 01:42 AU$ 17
Swindon London 00:55 AU$ 30
Hastings London 01:29 AU$ 17
London Hull Gb 02:33 AU$ 74
London Cardiff 02:01 AU$ 36
London Newcastle 02:45 AU$ 75
Portsmouth London 01:36 AU$ 11
London Crewe 01:30 AU$ 38
Oxford London 00:56 AU$ 13
Bicester London 00:46 AU$ 25
London Birmingham 01:22 AU$ 13
London Leeds 02:12 AU$ 45
London Chester 01:58 AU$ 38
London Bournemouth 01:43 AU$ 22
Preston London -10:-59 AU$ 41

England forms part of the United Kingdom, commonly known as the UK. The railway network of England is one of the oldest in the world. There are five main lines in England comprising of the West Coast, East Coast, Midland, Great Western and Great Eastern. London, the capital city, is the main hub for trains. Passenger services are operated by private companies known as train operating companies. England has one of Europe most dense railway networks made up of over 16,000 km of railway tracks.


You can’t go on holidays in England without visiting the highlights like London. But from here, take a train to Manchester or Liverpool and discover what is behind the scenes. Cultural history, music scene or shopping are a sample of all the opportunities you will have.


Beaches, but also impressive mountains and huge fields make up England’s landscapes. If you like nature, the panorama of striking cliffs giving to the English Channel, the water sports provided by the sea, or the pleasant walks offered by such places as Peak District or Lake District will thrill you!

Take home

If you wander around the north western England coast, stop and buy a typical “kiss-me quick” hat. If you’re more after candies, board a train to Brighton and bring back some toffees and fudges, so traditional and so good ! You can also find kitchen-related souvenirs in the Denby Pottery Factory, in Derbyshire.

Eat & Drink

If you like upmarket food, hop on a train to Midlands City and taste the three Michelin-stars restaurants. If you prefer international eateries, you may find in Birmingham a good sample of Asian delicious offerings. If you can, book in advance to enjoy the celebrity-chef Jamie Oliver’s restaurant.

New Perspective

In London, go and visit the second biggest club stadium in England, Arsenal Emirates Stadium, that can welcome 60,355 persons! Booking a tour, you’ll have the opportunity of seeing the dressing rooms…

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