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Budapest Siofok 01:32 AU$10
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Eger Budapest 01:56 AU$28

The national railway company of Hungary is known as the Hungarian State Railways. In Hungarian, it is spelled out as Magyar Államvasutak (MÁV). Hungary has over 7,000 km of railway tracks, one of the most important in central Europe. Main railway stations are found in cities like Budapest and Misklov. The main railway stations in Hungary include Déli Railway Station, Keleti Railway Station, Nyugati Railway Station, Kelenföld Railway Station, Tiszai Railway Station and Gömöri Railway

Hungary is a land with a distinctive language and an exceptional culture, where heritage meets trend! Be fascinated by the unique traditions of music, explore the Hungarian Art-Nouveau style, dip into the variety of culinary experiences and relax in one of the rejuvenating spas. In the countryside you will find majestic plains, resort-lined lakes and picturesque towns: be impressed by the baroque Royal Palace of Gödöllő, feel the Hungarian spirit at the Lázár Equestrian Park and dive into the cultural life of Pécs. Budapest, the capital city is less than 3h from Vienna and 2h40 from Bratislava.Station.


The best way to visit Hungary would be by train, as the country benefits from a well developed network. You should start with Hungary’s capital, the beautiful Budapest. Here is everything that you want like museums, interesting buildings, witnesses of the eventful history of the city, and lively streets.


If you are fond of cycling, go on the flat lands around the Tisza River, where you can also enjoy a horse riding. If you go to Hungary as a couple, board on a boat trip along the majestic Danube river, a very romantic way to discover the activities provided by the river, such as fishing or bird watching.

Take Home

Hop on a train to Miskolc, Pécs or Gyor, here you will find shopping malls. If you stay in Budapest, run to the MOM Park; you may need a full day to list all the shops. If you have a sweet tooth and like shopping, Hungary’s Nyugati train station provides all you need!

Eat & Drink

Paprika is the spice you will notice in Hungary’s peasant cuisine. Do not miss the well known Goulash soup (beef, onions, garlic), typical of the country, as the Balatoni fogas, but beware the imitation, Fogas is a fish only available in the Lake Balaton… Don’t forget to taste wines such as Riesling.

New Perspective

Board a train to North eastern Hungary, in Szilvásvárad, where the majestic snow-white Lipizzaner horses are waiting for you.


Rail Pass benefits in Hungary


  • Free travel on the private railways from Györ-Sopron-Ebenfurt and Sopron- Szombathely-Szentgotthárd operated by GySEV/Raaberbahn.
  • 50% discount. Hungarian Heritage Railway Park by motor train from Budapest-Nyugati station. (seasonal opening hours)

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