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Rome, Florence and Venice aside, think blue Mediterranean waters, sandy beaches, Alpine mountains and a foodie's paradise.

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Popular journeys

Venice Rome 03:20 AU$ 87
Milan Rome 02:55 AU$ 95
Florence Rome 01:20 AU$ 58
Milan Venice 02:10 AU$ 65
Venice Florence 01:53 AU$ 77
Florence Milan 01:58 AU$ 85
Rome Pisa 02:30 AU$ 60
Rome Naples 01:08 AU$ 43
Milan Pisa 03:53 AU$ 56
Naples Venice 05:05 AU$ 172
Milan Naples 04:15 AU$ 116
Verona Rome 02:50 AU$ 72
Florence Naples 02:31 AU$ 116
Venice Verona 00:53 AU$ 39
Verona Milan 01:15 AU$ 37
Rome Genoa 04:15 AU$ 80
Genoa Milan 01:29 AU$ 34
Rome Bologna 01:55 AU$ 61
Rome Turin 04:05 AU$ 94
Bologna Venice 01:11 AU$ 32
Rome La Spezia 03:13 AU$ 70
Milan Bologna 01:00 AU$ 44
Turin Venice 04:18 AU$ 95
Turin Milan 01:00 AU$ 44
Naples Pisa 05:12 AU$ 72
Bologna Florence 00:35 AU$ 20


With over 16,000 km of railway tracks, Italy has an excellent rail network. The national railway company in Italy is known as Trenitalia. The company operates high speed trains as well as regional trains. The Italian high speed trains are known as Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianca. Italy is the first country in Europe to welcome privately operated high speed trains called Italo, which are operated by the NTV railway company. Thanks to international high speed trains, Italy has connections with France and Switzerland. Thello nigh trains operate between Paris and Rome as well as between Paris and Venice.


The train’s network is well developed so you can easily visit Rome and its historical monuments and then go by train to experience Firenze Renaissance architecture. Discover Venice’s canal, a perfect and romantic destination if you go in couple. Reach Naples to test the best pizzas in the world, or hop in train to Milan, the Italy’s fashion capital.


From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the water buffalo of Campania, the diversity of the Italian landscape will wow you. If you prefer basking the sun, go to Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda and enjoy the turquoise waters. Heritage lovers, why don’t you get a train to Sicily to explore ancient Greek theatres?

Take home

Be thrilled with designer labels in Milan; buy some well-known hand-blown Murano glass in the beautiful Venice. If you like wines, bring back some bottles of the red Brunello, from Montalcino, Tuscany. If you go to Umbria, painted ceramics can be a perfect gift.

Eat & Drink

Sardinia’s seafood risotto or bistecca alla florentina, buffalo mozzarella or Tuscan steaks are just so many dishes you can feast with. If you stay in Northern Italy, try some truffles and porcini mushrooms. If you are in the south, test the fiori di Zucchini, it is just delightful.

New Perspective

In Liguria, have a one of the kind memory boarding on train to see the sunset on traditional tiny villages of Cinque Terre region.

Rail Pass benefits in Italy


  • Airport transfer on the Leonardo Express between Fiumicino Airport and Roma Termini train station for 1st class pass holders only. This transfer requires the use of one day of travel on the pass.
  • From Rome Fiumicino Airport on high speed train to/from Florence/Bologna/Padova/Venice.
  • Free transportation on the ÖBB Intercitybus (1st and 2nd class) between Klagenfurt/Villach-Venezia Mestre & Venezia Tronchetto if the Eurail pass is valid in both Austria and Italy. Reservations are required and can be made locally.
  • Discounted fares on Thello international night and day trains between France and Italy if your pass is valid in France and/or Italy.
  • Venice-Padova-Vicenza-Verona-Brescia-Milano-Dijon-Paris
  • Milano-Pavia-Voghera-Genova-Savona-Finale Ligure-Albenga-Alassaio Diano-Marina-Imperia-San Remo-Ventimiglia-Menton-Monaco-Nice-Antibes-Cannes-St Raphael-Les Arcs-Toulon-Marseille


  • Attica Group/Operated by Superfast Ferries for International routes offers free air seats/dormitories for 1st class pass holders, free deck passage for 2nd class pass holders with a pass valid in Greece AND Italy. Bari-Corfu/Igoumenitsa/Patras and Ancona/Venice - Igoumenitsa/Patras. High season surcharge and port taxes may apply.
  • 20% reduction on the Official Fares and 10% reduction on accommodation supplements for Pullman seats, berths or on crossings operated by Grimaldi Ferries on the following routes: Barcelona-Civitavecchia, Barcelona-Livorno, Barcelona-Porto Torres (Sardinia), Brindisi-Igoumenitsa and Patras, Civitavecchia / Porto Torres/Trapani, Livorno-Barcelona, Igoumenitsa/Patras-Ravenna, Salerno/Palermo. Seasonal surcharges and/or port taxes may apply.
  • Minoan Lines International Free air-type seats for 1st class pass holders, free deck passage for 2nd class pass holders with a pass valid in Greece AND Italy. Patras/Igoumenitsa-Ancona/Ravenna/Trieste. Seasonal surcharges and/or port taxes may apply.

Free Hot Fudge Sundae when you order any main course. Free gift in Rock Shop for all purchase over 25 euros. Hard Rock Cafe, Florence, Via Brunelleschi 1, Rome, Via V. Veneto 62a, Venice, Bacino Orseolo and the Rock Shop at Rialto Bridge.

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  • "5 Day Italy Pass "

      Ian b.  26/11/2013
    We recently used a 5 Day Italy Pass, the value of which needs to be seriously considered. The great advantage of a pass is that you can travel wherever you like on the days or for the time you have the pass. Most trips, however, are carefully planned and it is rare you would take a trip you had not planned. Many trips in Italy require a reservation which costs extra. It is almost certainly better value to simply buy the ticket required rather than buy a pass and then purchase a reservation. This has been difficult in the past but with improvements in website access, purchasing tickets online is now quite simple. A further problem with the first class pass that we had is that for those trips that do not require a reservation, there is no first class. In summary, a pass may be useful for long expensive trips but for shorter trips (1-2 hours) that we took, it was not good value.