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Overview High mountains, clean rivers and mountain lakes, and in the winter lots of snow for enjoying the ski resorts.
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The rail transport in Montenegro is handled by the Railways of Montenegro, also known as Montenegrin: Жељезничка Инфраструктура Црне Горе / Željeznička Infrastruktura Crne Gore (ŽICG). The total railway network of Montenegro is made up of 250 km of tracks. The country has one of Europe’s smallest railway networks. The main railway route of Montenegro is the Belgrade-Bar route. It links the city of Bar to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia thanks to an international train.


The third of the population is living in the capital, Podgorica. Arriving there by train, you will be surprised by the historical sites still remaining from Ancient times. Colonnades, aqueducts, minarets, Turkish spas, medieval Christian architecture with paintings, modern architecture, that’s a beautiful mixed of civilizations. If you like history, board on a train to Cetinje, where museums and galleries are waiting for you.


Sometimes called the “pearl of the Mediterranean”, Montenegro is not only rich in historical sites but in natural ones as well. Sparkling lakes, majestic mountains and beautiful beaches, you will feast your eyes on those landscapes.

Take home

On the coast, don’t miss Budva with its sandy beaches that are worst the trip. There you will find everything you want, bargaining in the summer bazaar next to the promenade or wandering around in the old town to buy some souvenir. Furthermore, you will enjoy the nightlife and the architecture of the old town.

Eat & Drink

Take a train to be getting close to the banks of Lake Skadar and savour some freshwater fish. If you like cheese you will be spoiled for choice as every region provides different homemade cheese… accompany it with wine coming from sunny vineyards.

New Perspective

Two 80 m long beaches connected with a tunnel… welcome to Mogren Beach, 150m from Budva city! There, enjoy beach bar and scuba diving club.

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