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Overview Poland is home to a varied and beautiful landscape.
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Warsaw Krakow 02:25 AU$72
Krakow Rzeszow 03:18 AU$34
Krakow Forst 10:10 AU$70
Gdansk Krakow 05:27
Krakow Tarnow 02:48 AU$18
Zebrzydowice Krakow 04:57 AU$27
Warsaw Gdansk 02:58 AU$87
Warsaw Konin 01:44 AU$42
Warsaw Zawiercie 02:18 AU$50
Warsaw Lodz 02:02 AU$30
Warsaw Bydgoszcz 02:54 AU$55

Poland has one of eastern Europe’s most extensive railway networks. It consists of over 19,000 km of railway tracks. The national railway company of Poland is known as the Polskie Koleje Państwowe (PKP). There are international train connection linking Poland to Russia, Amsterdam, Basel and Munich.

Poland is a garden of nature and a treasure trove of cultural riches. A visit in Poland will leave you with wonderful memories - Museums, modern art galleries and concert halls on a par with the discovery of the legendary warning call from the historic Tatar attack on the city of Krakow and the picturesque harbour view of Gdańsk will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

The favourable climate is an invitation to discover the Amber coast of the Baltic Sea, its numerous lakes, hills and primeval forests. Indeed Poland has it all: sea, lakes, lowlands, hills, mountains and vast forests. Along the Baltic coastline the land is fairly flat with Europe’s largest shifting sand dunes and sandy beaches. The north of the country abounds in lakes - there are over 9,000 of them, mostly located in the region called The Land of the Great Mazurian Lakes. Many of the lakes are connected by natural or artificial channels that forms the longest waterway in Europe. The central part of Poland is dominated by the lowlands whereas the southern part is formed by highlands and mountainous areas.


Take a train to Warsaw and discover the old town, rebuilt in a Baroque style architecture after the destruction of WWII, and see the Stalinist Palace of Culture and Science. If you prefer Renaissance style than Baroque style, go to Zamosc. Are you fond of culture? Board on a train to the polish Venice, Wroclaw, and find gothic style. There is so much to see in Poland!

The rich cultural heritage of Poland can be seen in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdańsk, Poznan, and Wrocław. They all have a fascinating history and diverse architectural styles. With its 13 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Poland is a paradise for travellers interested in culture. No matter where you go, you will find castles, palaces and towns with charming historical city centres. However what stands out, is the remarkable traditional Polish hospitality.

All cities and most towns in Poland are well connected by rail. Warsaw, the capital city, is 5h30 away by train from Berlin.


On the Baltic Sea, swim or laze in the sun on Hel Peninsula, or go sailing on the Great Masurian lakes. Keen on hiking? Enjoy Bieszczady National Park. You can also thrill skiing in Zakopane (Carpathian Mountains) or kayaking around Biebrza National Park.

Take Home

In Warsaw you can buy contemporary artworks. Bring back home some gingerbread from Torun or some oscypki (smoked sheep milk cheese) from Krakow, where you can also get antiques. Hop on a train to Podlasie region, stop in Zubrówka and find some bison-grass flavoured vodka.

Eat & Drink

Enter a typical canteen-style “milk bar” to test soup or hearty stews. One of the traditional dishes of Poland is the bigo (meat and sauerkraut stew). Try as well pierogi (filled dumpling). Of course, you will have to taste vodkas as the Zubrówka one or the Goldwasser one (containing golden flakes!)

New Perspective

Travel with the steam train through Klodzko Valley and enjoy the Walbrzych-Klodzko route. On your way, you will pass Poland’s highest viaduct (Ludwikowice).

8 of Poland’s national parks are on the UNESCO List of World Biosphere Reserve. One of them, the Bialoweski National Park, is the biggest primeval forest in Europe.


Rail Pass benefits in Poland


  • Free travel on Przewozy Regionalne.
  • Free travel on KM Koleje Mazowieckie.

Board the international IC bus if you have a Eurail Global Pass. Reservation required and not included. Routes are Berlin-Wroclaw-Krakow.. If your rail pass does not include the country you are visiting, you will need a ticket and a reservation.

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