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The state railway company of Romania is known as Căile Ferate Române (CFR). The company operates trains on the 11,000 km of railway network in Romania. CFR is a railway company which is constantly improving its services. Today it is one of the best railway companies in central Europe. Over 50 million passengers travel with CFR every year. Some of the types of trains operated by the national railway company of Romania are the Regio, InterRegio, InterCity, EuroCity and EuroNight trains. Romania has train connections with neighbouring countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova.

Welcome to the Carpathians Garden! Visit Romania and meet a non-explored destination in Europe while living rewarding travel experiences. Located in south-eastern Europe and bordered by Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia and The Black Sea, Romania has several natural features which are unique in Europe.


Travelling by train is an excellent way to explore Romania. So go up on a train to the colourful Bucharest, which means “city of joy”. Mixing medieval buildings, neoclassical and art nouveau ones, it is also an eclectic music scene. From here you can go by train to Transylvania (Brasov) after a 2½ hours trip.


Explore de delta of the majestic Danube, see the picturesque countryside and admire the mountains travelling by train. Go to Bucovina and discover the fascinating monasteries. Hop on another train to Constanta and reach the Black Sean resorts where you will enjoy lazing on the beaches and loafing around shops.

Romania enjoys the embrace of the Carpathians, with its areas of true wilderness, and the ever-fresh beauty of the Danube Delta, as well as extensive plains scattered with natural and cultural treasures. This natural treasure is enriched by people with unchanged traditions and a warm and generous personality. The cultural sites, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are testament to a unique history, with a heritage of Latin origin mixed with other great cultures of the continent. The stories of these places will surely fascinate you, and the deep spirituality of Romanians will impress you too.

Take Home

In Romania you can find a lot of souvenir shops, selling folk art objects. For the kids, choose for example a carved doll. You can also buy a Romanian folkloric music CD, to remember your holidays when you will be back home.

Eat & Drink

If you like tripe, try the traditional Ciorba de Burta, a tripe soup. If you prefer fish, ask for some scrumbie la gratar, which is grilled herring. In Romania you can also taste some excellent wines, or drink the Tuica, a plum brandy.

New Perspective

With the Incercity Express train, reach Transylvania to experience Dracula’s Castle, you will have a strange feeling visiting the gothic fairy-tale buildings all around here, but that is exactly what you were looking for, isn’t it?

Plunge into the traditions and discover popular fairs, spa resorts, cultural heritage from the great cities and historical areas. The Danube Delta is a marvel, Moldavia and Bukovina’s monasteries comfort your eyes and calm your soul. Maramures overwhelms you with its magnificent locations, traditions and people. Banat and Oltenia’s caves and rapids flush you with adrenaline whereas fortified churches and strongholds in Transylvania take you back to the Middle Ages giving you pleasurable chills down your spine, and exceeding your imagination!


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