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The national railway company of Serbia is simply known as Serbian Railways or as Železnice Srbije in Serbian. The railway company operated trains on local routes, domestic intercity routes, and international routes. The railway network of Serbia consists of over 4,000 km of railway tracks. International trains serve destinations including Venice, Munich, Vienna, Budapest and Moscow. The Belgrade-Bar line is the country’s most famous railway line. Travellers can marvel at the majestic landscape when travelling on board a train on the Belgrade-Bar line. Indeed the route is famous thanks in part to the Mala Rijeka Viaduct, which is one of the highest in the world.

Serbia is landlocked between central and southeast Europe and centrally positioned in the Balkan peninsula, thus the ideal place to start discovering the Balkan countries.

This Balkan state has risen from its past, turned a new leaf and is more than ever looking forward to welcome tourists and travellers to its ebullient capital and beautiful countryside. But of course any visitor to Serbia will be able to witness its history displayed by fortresses, cathedrals and various architectural marvels. Taking the train through Serbia will let you sense and explore one of the routes where, once upon a time, the famous, luxurious, and glamorous Orient Express Train was passing.


Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is delightful. Founded seven millenniums ago, did you know that it is one of the oldest cities in Europe? You will find here a lively nightlife. Then, board on a train to Novi Sad, the second city of Serbia. With its old fortress (Petrovaradin), its Baroque, neoclassical and neo-gothic architecture, its museums and galleries Novi Sad is amazing.


With high castles, hidden monasteries in green valleys and Unesco listed frescos, Serbia is not a fashionable destination yet. That’s why you need to go right now, as long as it’s tourist-free, and enjoy the hilly and mountainous southern lands and the northern plains.

Take Home

As souvenirs from your holidays, you can buy and bring back home some decorated eggs, lamps or jewellery boxes. Those are folksy-style handiworks you can find in shops all over Serbia.

Eat & Drink

If you are a sweet-tooth, you have to try some baklavas or some halva. If you prefer meat, eat a pljeskavica (hamburger with onions), the cevapcici (kebab) or the vešalica (grilled strips of pork loin meat). Vegetarians can savour a good musaka or the punjene tikvitse (stuffed aubergine). As a typical drink, taste a Pivo (beer), or a glass of Šljivovic (plum brandy).

New Perspective

Experience the futurist architecture of Prokop train station. After 30 years of building works, the pleasant train station of Belgrade is about to be achieved and is amazing!

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