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Overview The starting point to most trips would be London.
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Oxenholme London -10:-24 AU$50
Swindon London 00:55 AU$30
York London -12:-32 AU$30
London Cardiff 02:01 AU$37
Hastings London 01:29 AU$18
London Hull Gb 02:33 AU$75
London Leeds 02:12 AU$46
London Chester 01:58 AU$38
Bicester London 00:46 AU$26
Norwich London 01:44 AU$18
Brighton London 00:51 AU$11
Seaford London 01:29 AU$18
Birmingham London 01:21 AU$13
Liverpool London -15:-33 AU$26
Crewe London 01:36 AU$18
London Canterbury 00:52 AU$58
Salisbury London 01:23 AU$75
Truro London -9:-13 AU$90
London Glasgow 04:08 AU$59
London Southampton 01:11 AU$58
Bournemouth London 01:48 AU$22
London Peterborough 00:45 AU$24
Edinburgh London -14:-12 AU$43
London Portsmouth 01:33 AU$21
London Oxford 00:56 AU$13
Newcastle London -15:-43 AU$58
London Sandwich 01:31 AU$67
Cambridge London 00:46 AU$13
London Stratford Upon A 01:59 AU$13
London Preston -21:-36 AU$42
Swansea London 03:11 AU$69
London Manchester 02:07 AU$26
Lancaster London -13:-28 AU$30
United Kingdom

The National Rail (NR) is the generic term used by the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) to denote the passenger services in United Kingdom. In northern Ireland, the national railway company is the Northern Ireland Railways (NIR). There are several train companies operating in the UK, namely First great Western, Virgin, CrossCountry, East Coast, East Midlands trains, First Hull trains, Grand Central Railway, Southeastern and Eurostar. The best way to travel extensively all over Britain is by using a BritRail pass.


You must experience the highlight of United Kingdom such as Edinburgh, London or Cardiff, but there is so much more to see. Get off the beaten track and visit Sheffield with its rich history and pleasant shops. Then hop on a train to Bath for its architecture. Head Newport for its amazing buildings and finally go to explore Dundee!


United Kingdom provides everything you want. From lazing on sandy beaches in Devon region to, trekking in Scotland’s Highland greenery, from lively centre such as Dundee’s to Unesco-listed sites such as the world-famous Stonehenge, you will be spoiled for choice. You just need to catch the train to go from one place to another!

Take Home

Scottish kilts, little Big Ben Tower, welsh Cashmere jumpers, mugs with the country’s flag pattern, red telephone box magnet, you can find as much souvenirs in the cities gift shops as in the seaside trinket shops.

Food & Drink

Try the Fish and Ships, that you can eat in every seaside places in United Kingdom. Board on a train to Scotland, enjoy the haggis and drink good whiskies, or go to Northern Ireland to taste beers in the traditional pubs.

New Perspective

Reach Wick, the further point in the UK, taking a first ScoRail train. For those who want to cross the country from one side to another, that’s the starting/finishing point.

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