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  • Unlimited travel in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.
  • Children under 4 travel for free.
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The European East Pass is the most complete rail pass to visit the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. Home to rich cultural and historical features, all four countries are worthy of a visit. Discover the UNESCO World heritage sites in Czech Republic and Austria, before travelling to Hungary where you’ll have a relaxing moment in one of the numerous thermal baths. Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is known for its medieval towers.

With the European East Pass, you can travel where you please, whenever you want! Take as many trains as you like, there is no limit on the distance you can travel in a day. The European East Pass, to put it simply, offers unlimited travel at a fixed price!

Hop on hop off trains to visit any place you want. The European East Pass gives you access to all trains, but remember that premium trains require a seat reservation. The Things to know section explains everything you need to know about seat reservations.

Enjoy the bonuses which are included in the European East Pass. You will get discounted fares for selected hotels, reduced museum fares, and more.

The European East Pass is the key to have a hassle-free trip throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.

Things to know

Who can buy a rail pass?

Any person living outside the participating countries can use the European East Pass.

Seat reservation

To travel on board high speed and night trains, you need to book a seat reservation.

Seat reservations are compulsory on most premium trains and are a guarantee to get a seat or a sleeping berth. As a pass holder, you will only be charged a fraction of the usual standard fare.

In most cases, you can reserve your seat up to 90 days in advance. Don’t wait too long to book your seat. They are limited!
Book a seat reservation with Rail Europe.

Our tip:
As an alternative to high speed and night trains, you can travel on board regional trains. Most don’t require a seat reservation when you have a rail pass so you won’t have to pay any extra charge. Just sit back and relax!

More details

How to use a rail pass?

It is required that you start using your rail pass within 6 months of the date of purchase.

To use your rail pass for the first time, you have to go to any train station in Europe. A railway official will write down your passport number on the rail pass and stamp it. Don’t forget to write down the date of travel on your rail pass.
Please ensure that all the above information is reflected on your rail pass. An unstamped rail pass or incomplete travel information can lead to a fine and payment of a full fare ticket.

Open the link to see what a European East Pass looks like.

European East Pass

Travel day

A travel day starts from midnight and ends at midnight the next day. It lasts 24 hours. During that period, you can take as many trains as you want.

Our tip:
You can get a free travel day with the 7 PM rule when the four conditions below are met:

  • Your rail pass should be activated by a rail official.
  • You must travel on board a night train which departs after 7 pm, and this trip should be the first one you are taking during that day.
  • You must reach your destination no later than 4 am on the following day.
  • The arrival date must be within the validity of your rail pass.
When all conditions are met, you just have to write down the arrival date on your rail pass instead of the departure date. Thus you save a day of travel.


The validity is the number of travel days of a rail pass.

For a rail pass with a validity of 5 days within 1 month. If you activate your rail pass on the 1st of the month, you can travel on the 3rd, 4th, 7th, 12th and 30th of this month.

Rail pass benefits

Most rail passes include discounts and bonuses. Save money and make the most of your trip with your rail pass.
When available you will get hotel discounts, free entrance to museums, discounted boat trips and more.

Interactive Rail Map

The Interactive Travel Map will allow you to plan your trip easily in Europe. Type-in your itinerary or choose it directly from the map. You can even provide your travel dates to view trains and fares related to your itinerary.

This map requires Adobe Flash Player


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Reviews & ratings

Overall rating (19)

Value for money

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  • "Good, cheap, comfortable"    
    We travelled on the European East pass and really enjoyed the trains and journeys. The trips go really fast as you are very comfortable and there is often food and trip served on board (although we always brought our own). When travelling overnight, which we did twice, always book a double room as the sleeper carriages for four or more are really uncomfortable and very small. The doubles are fantastic!    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Eastern European Holiday"    
    We combined a Denmark-Germany Eurail Pass with an Rail Europe Eastern Pass to make a circle trip from Warsaw, to Krakow, Budapest, Prague, Cesky Krumlow, Dresden, Berlin, Copenhagen and Then back to Hamburg. It was really good to have all the pass options to choose from, so we got great value. The train journeys themselves were very varied in terms of the type of trains, comfort levels and duration. In Poland, the only options for the sectors we travelled was the local trains. If you can find an ICE train for your sector, it's much better, as you're guaranteed air conditioning (a must in hot weather), and more comfortable as well. We made reservations for our sectors before leaving Australia, and this was worth the extra cost, travelling in August. All of Europe is on holidays then and although most first class carriages had some spare seats, it was a lot easier being able to claim the seats as ours! We discovered the folly of forgetting to write up the trip details on the pass on our journey between Budapest and Prague! The Hungarian guard was completely unforgiving (unlike the Danish guard out of Copenhagen, who let another passenger update his pass on the spot). He confiscated all our travel passes and our passports for over an hour, saying he would come back to us. Just before he was due to leave the train at the border, he returned our things and "charged" us a "fine" in cash of €50. Lesson learnt!    Value for money  Convenience