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Key features

  • 50% discount trains and public transportation.
  • Children under 16 travel for free.


The Swiss Transfer Ticket including Half Fare Card Combi is ideal when you are based in one city and planning to have day-trips from there.

The Swiss Transfer Ticket including Half Fare Card Combi allows you to benefit from 50% off all public transports and a round-trip from the airport or border station to any city in Switzerland. You can use it to reach a ski resort, the airport or simply to avoid using a travel day, if you have a Swiss Travel Pass.

The Swiss Transfer Ticket including Half Fare Card Combi is great for families too! When confirming that you will be travelling together, you will be provided with a Swiss Family Card. It allows children aged 6 to under 16 to travel free of charge!

Things to know

Who can buy a rail pass?

Any person living outside the participating countries can use the Swiss Transfer Ticket + Half Fare Card. Please note that residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein are not eligible.

How to use a rail pass?

Open the link to see what a Swiss Transfer Ticket + Half Fare Card looks like.

Swiss Transfer Ticket + Half Fare Card

You must start using your rail pass within 6 months of the date of purchase.

Travel day

A travel day lasts 24 hours from midnight to midnight.

Rail pass benefits

Most rail passes include discounts and bonuses. Save money and make the most of your trip with your rail pass.
When available you will get hotel discounts, free entrance to museums, discounted boat trips and more.

Interactive Rail Map

The Interactive Travel Map will allow you to plan your trip easily in Europe. Type-in your itinerary or choose it directly from the map. You can even provide your travel dates to view trains and fares related to your itinerary.

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