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Main stations in Paris and Amsterdam

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Arrival stations

London Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport is the Britain’s third-busiest airport, offering flights to more than 160 destinations in over 30 countries. Whether you’re arriving, connecting or departing, you’ll find all the assistance you need to make your journey easier and pleasant.


London Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick Airport has two terminals and offers hundreds of destinations worldwide. From there, you’ll find all the assistance you need to make your journey easier and enjoyable.


Travel inspiration in Paris and Amsterdam

Travelling by train from Paris to Amsterdam

Travellers who want to visit France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, can choose to do so by travelling on board the Thalys high speed trains. The travel duration between Paris and Amsterdam takes about 3 hours by high speed train. The Thalys trains have 2 classes of service, comfortable carriages with spacious seats. Travellers have access to Wi-Fi Internet throughout their journey.

The Thalys trains departs from Paris Gare du Nord, one of the busiest train stations in France. The train station is interconnected with the Paris metro system. In Amsterdam, the Thalys high speed train calls at the Amsterdam Centraal, right in the heart of the city. All landmarks in Amsterdam can be reached on foot or by tram.

A point to point ticket for a single return trip between Paris and Amsterdam is the cheapest ticket choice. For extensive travel, a rail pass is the best solution. Find more information on Rail Europe websites about Eurail Benelux-France pass.

Discover Amsterdam and visit other cities by train

Amsterdam is one of the most visited cities in Europe. It is a prime destination for youth coming for all around the world. While Amsterdam has a reputation to be one of the most open cities in the world, the city remains safe to visit at any time of the day and night. The windmills of Amsterdam are a treat for the eyes.

Travellers who want to visit more of Europe can take international trains from Amsterdam to reacg Brussels, Germany or France.

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Learn more about Amsterdam / Netherlands

Reviews & ratings Paris - Amsterdam

"Frankfurt to Paris in comfort"

  Desmond c. 
I recently travelled from Germany Frankfurt to Paris France using the rail. I needed a last minute ticket and found the staff very helpful. there were English speaking staff on hand to assist me and, travelling first class, I was able to spend my time waiting in the comfort of a lounge with free drinks and a light meal. the train itself was well appointed and I was able to sleep for approx. two hours of the four hour journey. the train was clean, on time and comfortable. I am a simple man, this is all I want  

"London-Paris March 2014"

  Danielle l.  13/04/2014
Easy check-in  

"Timesaver to Lourdes"

  Wendy s.  11/04/2014
We took the TGV from Gare Montparnasse in Paris to Lourdes and returned. The journey south was speedy until a few stops before Lourdes, when we had to stop for half an hour. The return trip was consistently slower, about an hour longer overall. For both directions our seats faced backwards; we would have preferred forward facing seats. On the plus side, the staff were helpful, the buffet car was close by, the train ride was very smooth and quiet. We really enjoyed seeing the French countryside. We couldn't possibly have driven to Lourdes as quickly. I would definitely recommend the service to others.  

"Paris to Zurich in style!"

  Julie h.  10/04/2014
I found a great deal on a first class ticket from Paris to Zurich through Rail Europe. A super-comfy seat by the window, a meal served at my seat as the French and then Swiss countryside rolled by ... What's not to like? It was a relaxing and stress-free journey, and so much better than flying!  

"Amsterdam - Paris"

  Roslyn c.  09/04/2014
Great Trip and service  


  Craig s.  08/04/2014
Everything worked according to plan  


  Craig s.  08/04/2014
Travelled in the economy section for this leg. No overall problems apart from the limited space available to store baggage. We were fortunate that there were not a lot of travellers at that point.  


  Craig s.  08/04/2014
No problem experienced with this leg of the trip - all went accordingly to plan  

"Train Trip To Paris"

  Anna p.  13/12/2013
We enjoyed our train trip to Paris. We found it very quick and very easy. The only thing we didn't know was how to book seats that faced the way the train was travelling. As my daughter and I both get motion sickness we moved to vacant seats that faced the correct way as we were feeling unwell. I'm not sure if this service is available when you book you tickets but it would definitely help us next time if it was. Otherwise the journey was great.  

"Travel through Europe"

  Taryn f.  13/12/2013
We travelled by train through Europe and when we got to Zurich airport to leave to return home via the airlines we overheard a gentleman say to his family that their plane from Zurich to London had been cancelled. Not only did they get to the airport for the 2 hours approx early to checkin but then had to wait because their plane was delayed and they would have had to clear customs the other end anyway! I really wanted to ask him why he didn't but a train ticket to Paris and get on the Eurostar to London. Not only would he had to have been at the train station just at the time the train left but he could have made the connection by looking up train times and arrivals and rebooking before he even left home and printed out his tickets. It's all too easy. Big deal you have to lift your luggage on and off the train. I have no regrets of using the train.  


  Kodikaraarachchige p.  13/12/2013
We had a very enjoyable trip to Paris Nord Station From London St Pancras.We will. do it again in future  

"travel from Finland to Rome"

  Annemarie h.  09/12/2013
Have been very satisfied with the Eurail Global Pass, which I used to travel around in Germany and from Germany to Finland, Rome and Paris. Would choose to travel with this pass again. Has been a great experience. Thank you.  

"Paris to Strasbourg"

  Jill g.  08/12/2013
A most comfortable journey. The only difficulty for a couple of old girls (over 70) was hauling our cases up a flight of stairs - our seats were on the top level, but the view was great!  

"Relaxed and Entertaining"

  Rosalie p.  20/11/2013
Travelling by myself from Australia, and not speaking anything other than English, I couldn't have been happier with my experience on the fast train from Amsterdam to Paris. I chose the first class option, and believe it was a very good choice. The presentation of the carriage, the professionalism of all the stewards, the quality of food, the range of wines and the attention to requirements by the carriage host could not be faulted. I loved the experience. Thank you so much :-)  

"Convenient and fast Eurostar "

  Ling y.  20/11/2013
The trip from London to Paris via Eurostar from St Pancras International to Gare du Nord station on 21st October 2013 was convenient and fast. Food served on board was good, service was great and we were all welcome on board with friendly faces by the chief and other stewards. I must say the journey 2 over hours was not long as I expected. It was pretty relaxing and fast. Printing online the tickets enable us to move in quickly to get our immigration cleared and finding our train cabin was alright. I will suggest to first-timers travelling from London to Paris to use the Eurostar and get it on promo sale prices to avoid the peak hours and traffic from using local airplanes.  

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