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Vienna - Venice
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Train Vienna → Venice

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Overview The average travel time between Vienna and Venice is minutes. The quickest route is minutes. The first train leaving Vienna is at , the last at . There is an average of trains a day between Vienna and Venice, leaving approximately every minutes.


    Main stations in Vienna and Venice

    Arrival stations

    London Stansted Airport

    London Stansted Airport

    London Stansted Airport is the Britain’s third-busiest airport, offering flights to more than 160 destinations in over 30 countries. Whether you’re arriving, connecting or departing, you’ll find all the assistance you need to make your journey easier and pleasant.

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    London Gatwick Airport

    London Gatwick Airport

    London Gatwick Airport has two terminals and offers hundreds of destinations worldwide. From there, you’ll find all the assistance you need to make your journey easier and enjoyable.

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    Travel inspiration in Vienna and Venice


    Vienna is Austria’s capital and largest city located on the east part of the country. Undoubtedly one of the most charming European capitals, Vienna is one of the world’s leading cities with the best quality of life in the world. The imperial capital is elegant and cosy with beautiful parks and statues of great musicians.

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    Venice is a unique experience for every traveller and certainly a must for lovers. Few people know that Venice is actually an island-city with a train bridge connecting it to mainland Italy. This romantic city actually has no roads at all! To move around there are 150 canals and over 400 bridges! Venice has also beautiful churches, squares and museums. The southern part of the Venice has a certain village feel. Perfect to wander around in the little alleys, get lost and finally reach the Santa Margherita square. Ideal place for its lively bars!

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    Reviews & ratings Vienna - Venice

  • "Staff to the rescue"    
    We travelled from Vienna to Florence changing trains at Venice. I left the ticket for the Venice to Florence on the table in the train from Vienna. We discovered our mistake when we got off the train and told the station staff. We had photocopies of our tickets to help confirm our story. The staff at Venice made phone calls and told us to get onto the train for Florence. Everything was ok we were told. We did so. The ticket staff on the train to Florence found us and gave us our original tickets. They had found the tickets I had left behind and passed them on from our first train to the next. GREAT STAFF. THANK YOU.  
  • "Day travel, wonderful views"    
    We chose to travel during the day for the views. This was a good decision as it covered the distance in quick time and also enabled us to enjoy the scenery.  
  • "Half-day intercity train legs "    
    Daylight trip - small surcharge for pre-booking stages (in conjunction with pre-booked B  
  • "Lack of Service"    
    We were extremely disappointed in the service offered on this train. No food was offered in any capacity, with an early morning trip leaving the hotel a 6.15 we and booking first class we thought (incorrectly ) that there would be a buffet carriage available. We travelled the same route some years ago and this was the case. The carriage was comfortable, but with little foom for large luggage it was impossible to cater for the 5 persons in the carriage to store and walk in in or out of the carriage. I am really sorry that I booked this without researching this further  
  • "Excellent journey"    
    Highly recommend this train service. Great journey  
  • "Overnight to Vienna"    
    Punctual, comfortable and clean. Service was adequate, if not friendly.  
  • "Less than First Class"    
    We decided to travel first class for this leg of our trip, hoping to enjoy a comfortable and restful overnight travel experience. However the train was old and the cabin was not comfortable or well appointed and it was very cramped for two people with large suitcases. The cabin temperature later became too warm causing serious discomfort. Opening the window made it too noisy to sleep, drawing in diesel fumes, particularly whilst going through the very long tunnels. The included breakfast was also very basic with pre-packaged juice, yoghurt etc. with some fresh bread rolls. The food was of a standard similar and /or lower to that provided for economy class air travel. Given we were particularly looking forward to this leg of our journey, this experience fell far short of 'first class' expectations and has caused us to be wary of future overnight train travel. On a positive note, the coach attendant was very attentive and courteous.  
  • "Trip from Venice to Vienna"    
    Travelled in the first class cabin frpom Venice to Vienna. The staff were efficient and friendly. The cabins were basic and small, with two comfortable beds, and amenities such as a sink with running water and refreshments. Staff woke us with plenty of time in the morning to have breakfast and freshen before departing. Pleasant experience.  
  • "A reasonable trip"    
    The trip was good as overnight trips go. However I would point out (1) it would have been useful to have been told that there was the option of catching the train from Venice S. Lucia as well as from Venice Mestre; (2) the porter looking after our coach had difficulty setting up and resetting the sleeping arrangement in our compartment; and (3) I thought the breakfast was fairly unappetizing though my wife said it was what she expected and it was OK. But the trip did the job of getting us to Vienna overnight and I slept well.  
  • "Honest review"    
    Tickets came on time and as promised. However, did not pay for the insurance, and that was costly. Probably could have got a better deal in Europe, however would have been more of a hassle and no guarantee of obtaining tickets. Just get on the right train, show your ticket, and done. First class seats are spacious and comfortable.  
  • "Honest review"    
    I would highly recommend a train journey from Venice to Vienna. Especially the morning train, as the trip takes about 8 hours, you can sleep for 4 and sunrise is at 4am, so you get spectacular views. You see all of Austria from the south west to north east, including the villages. Once in a lifetime experience. Was in a private room (1 person). Privacy was excellent, breakfast was good, simple Austrian meal. I liked it. The downer was the seats were narrow, and it's not one bed, but two; they just give you a whole room. So was not 100% comfortable, but roughing it a bit was ok. Was it worth the money? The experience yes, but if I were to critique it, no. But there is no better alternative.