Vienna - Split
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Train Vienna → Split

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Vienna - Split

The average travel time between Vienna and Split is 14h51 minutes. The quickest route is 14h51 minutes. The first train leaving Vienna is at 16:03, the last at . There is an average of 1 trains a day between Vienna and Split, leaving approximately every -2J 21h minutes.
  • Departure station : Wien meidling (Eichenstraße 27 1120 Wien)
  • Arrival station : Split. (Obala kneza Domagoja 21000 Split)
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About this journey

Vienna is Austria’s capital and largest city

Vienna is Austria’s capital and largest city located on the east part of the country. Undoubtedly one of the most charming European capitals, Vienna is one of the world’s leading cities with the best quality of life in the world. The imperial capital is elegant and cosy with beautiful parks and statues of great musicians. Learn more about Vienna

Half it your way in this Palatial city

Split, you will be unable to resist Smooth and sultry Split is backed by mountains and blessed with a glinting Adriatic waterfront. Centred around the 1,800-year old Roman palace that forms the thrilling heart of this unique oasis, its Splicani inhabitants enjoy life to the full. Learn more about Split


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N°: 159 First-class seats Second-class seats Restaurant facility The travel service is non-smoking Facility for bicycle transport available Services for disabled persons
N°: 825 First-class sleepers Standard class (second class) sleepers Second-class seats Facility for bicycle transport available
16:0306:5414:51 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Only the outbound journey is available for the moment.
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