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  • London - Paris: 02:16
  • Prices from AU$ 89
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Eurostar, high speed trains. Preferred way to travel between main cities like London, Paris and Brussels.

For high-speed train travel between London, Lille, Paris and Brussels the Eurostar is the perfect answer! Journey times are so fast you can easily do a return trip to another country in one day. With speeds of up to 300 km/h you can travel from London to Lille or from London to Paris conveniently. As well as exciting city destinations, Eurostar also has seasonal routes. Over the summer a popular route is from London to Avignon, and during the winter there is no better way to travel from London to within reach of over 40 fantastic ski resorts from Moûtiers, Aime-la-Plagne and Bourg St Maurice.

Popular journeys and travel durations

Eurostar serves main destinations like London, Paris and Brussels but it also has direct trains to Disneyland Resort Paris from London. Look out for other seasonal services too.

London Paris 02:16 AU$ 81
Brussels London 02:01 AU$ 81
London Lyon 04:41 AU$ 145
Lille London 01:21 AU$ 81
London Calais 00:55 AU$ 81
Paris Ebbsfleet International 02:05 AU$ 81
Paris Ashford 01:54 AU$ 103
Marne La Vallee London 02:44 AU$ 103
Brussels Ashford 01:38 AU$ 81
Ebbsfleet International Brussels 01:50 AU$ 81
Lille Ashford 00:58 AU$ 81
Ebbsfleet International Lille 01:11 AU$ 81
Calais Ebbsfleet International 00:44 AU$ 81

Booking and printing options

Booking :
  • Eurostar tickets are open for booking 180 days ahead.
  • Get the lowest prices by booking early and don’t wait until the last minute as cheaper seats sell the fastest.
  • Opt for off-peak trains when you have to travel short notice. They are more affordable than morning and evening trains along with those running on holiday eves, Friday and Sunday afternoon.

Printing option(s) :

Paper ticket

Receive your ticket directly to your address. Just take them with you and you are ready to travel. Shipping fees apply.

Print @ home

Print your ticket anywhere and anytime before your travel. Skip shipping fees.

Printing guide

Print @ Station

Go to a self-service ticket machine and enter your reference to retrieve your ticket. Skip shipping fees.

Printing guide

Seat reservation :
  • Mandatory for this train! The seat reservation is included in the price of your ticket. Please note that seats are auto-allocated by train carriers. Depending on availabilities, carriers will ensure that all passengers of a same party are seated together. Seats can be swapped only once on-board.
  • Pass holders . Book your seat reservation exclusively with Rail Europe.

By train or by plane?

Is the train faster than the plane, is the train cheaper or more comfortable as compared to flying? Overall, the Eurostar high speed trains are cheaper, faster and more comfortable than airplanes.

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More details

Eurostar is the best way to travel if you want to avoid the hassle of airport security, queues and long check in times. With Eurostar’s international service you can take your time, see the sights and relax in a comfortable stylish environment.

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Experience the service

Before you board

  • Eurostar’s main stations, Paris Gare du Nord, Brussels Midi/Zuid and London St Pancras International, are all located in city centres.
  • All stations have good transport links for onward travel by train, bus or taxi, and there are plenty of hotels close by.
  • Anyone travelling in Business Premier will also find lounges in the stations to relax in before boarding the train.
Travellers with Business Premier tickets can check in just 10 minutes before departure, but if they do check in earlier they can take advantage of the lounge, have a drink or snack and check emails. All other passengers must check in 45 minutes before leaving and for seasonal routes to Avignon Moûtiers, Aime-la-Plagne and Bourg St Maurice, the check in time is 60 minutes before departure. Non-European citizens will need to fill in a landing card only when travelling to the UK.


Passengers travelling in Business Premier are served at seat a three course meal. Early risers will enjoy a hot or cold breakfast. Standard class passengers can take a stroll to the buffet car where they will find friendly staff serving hot and cold snacks and drinks. Eurostar has three classes to choose from and whichever class you choose, you will be welcomed on board by a friendly multilingual staff and you will find comfortable seats in modern air conditioned carriages. Business Premier carriages offer passengers spacious reclining seats with generous legroom and each seat has table to eat or work off as well as power sockets for your devices. Travellers with Business Premier tickets also benefit from flexible tickets (so they can catch an earlier train if there is space available) and free Wi-Fi in the business lounges.
Classes and facilities offered by Eurostar
First classFirst classSecond class
Carrier’s designationName of class of service as you might see on your ticket.Business PremierStandard PremierStandard
10 minute check-in Avoid queues and get fast-tracked to board the train.
Business lounge at station Get the ultimate treat before any trip, or simply an ideal place to continue working.
Reclining seats Cosy with more legroom, reclining seats are ideal to enjoy the trip.
Power sockets Ideal to plug your laptop, phone or any electronic device from your seat.
Newspapers and magazines Grab your free international/local newspaper or magazine and enjoy the ride.
Meal and drink A delicious meal and drinks are served at seat on board.
Bar buffet car Access to the bar buffet car where snacks and beverages can be bought.
30 minute check-in Such a short moment considering you are about to board one of the most famous trains in the world.
60 minute check-in (seasonal routes) Shorter than any airport check-in for a memorable trip ahead.


Standard or Business Premier: make your choice.

  • Whether you travel in Business or Standard Premier Class aboard Eurostar, you benefit from a wide range of services to travel in comfort and style. You are welcome by staff at the entrance of the carriage and you benefit from air-conditioned and specially designated carriages for your comfort. Eurostar trains offer you spacious reclining seats with generous legroom. Each seat has either an individual slide out table or a fixed table shared with adjacent passengers and is equipped with power sockets. Flexibility of ticket, wireless in the business lounges, additional aboard services like the Express breakfast option for those who wish to work: dedicated to Business travellers, the Eurostar Business Premier Class makes you benefit from a wide range of services especially designed for your comfort and peace of mind.

No need to burden yourself, Eurostar trains offer all you need!

  • There is a luggage limit onboard Eurostar trains. You are allowed 2 pieces of luggage and 1 carry-on bag. Eurostar has plenty of storage space for luggage at the end of each carriage, and in the overhead racks so make sure you can lift your bags easily.

Will there be a toilet on the train?

  • Toilets are easily accessible on all the Eurostar trains and are usually most of the time indicated with the letters WC. Toilets can usually be found at the front or back of each Eurostar train coach, and include a sink, toilet and a locking door.

More details

Travelling by high speed train with Eurostar makes every journey hassle free. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a meal and the views as Eurostar transports you directly to your destination in comfort and style.


Interactive Rail Map

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  • "Choose seat carefully"    
    Would have liked a seat that had a window view, but otherwise a very good experience. Made up for the lack of view by having a drink in the refreshments carriage, where there were windows aplenty.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Paris trip"    
    We find the Eurostar convenient and comfortable. Much better than flying.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Enjoyable trip"    
    This was my first experience on a fast train and I found it very smooth and enjoyable.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "London to Paris "    
    Best way to travel for you and the environment    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Pleased"    
    Very good, need more English speaking staff on the French side.Easier to use for a traveller than internal trains within France. Would suggest having headphones installed as movies are streamed but passengers complained about noise so could not use via iPad.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "London to Paris"    
    Everything was smooth from the get go    Value for money  Convenience
  • "My journey"    
    It was comfortable, almost soundless  
  • "eurostar forever"    
    This is such a good service and the most pleasant way to travel between Paris and London. The standard premier is great and you arrived relaxed and ready to continue the holiday as soon as you unpack at wherever you are staying.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Excellent service "    
    Excellent trip The only let down is the departure lounge area    Convenience
  • "A grade incompetence"    
    We arrived 2.5 hours before our trip, got our boarding pass for Ashford and got on when told, only to hear when we got on "this train is express to London". We got off and asked what was going on, only to be told, "you did not listen to our announcement", we protested that there was none, but to no avail. We eventually got seats, but were treated wit disdain and rudeness. Apparently the was a problem with the train and or track, but we were still checked in and not told. We arrived in Ashford quite late.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Loved it! "    
    I was eager to take this train. I loved it. Train was great and comfortable! My only issues was the coffee was terrible !    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Happy travellers"    
    The train was clean and quiet. It departed on time and arrived to schedule. The food offered was excellent.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Fast "    
    Value for money trip. The journey was comfortable, dining car easily accessable ( with plenty of space). Services offered onboard were good. Announcements were clear    Value for money  Convenience
  • "London-Lille"    
    Good journey. Slightly delayed by security problem, but otherwise no problems    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Excellent"    
    Fantastic journey, Departed on time at both London and Paris my only complaint is that the trains could have been cleaner on the outside    Value for money  Convenience
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