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France-Spain high speed

France-Spain high speed trains are ideal to visit main French and Spanish cities like Paris, Montpellier, Barcelona and Madrid.

In cooperation with the SNCF, the French national railway company, and RENFE, the Spanish national railway company, the France-Spain high speed trains link France and Spain. This international service is provided by high speed trains which are modern trains with a first class and second class service coupled with the presence of a multilingual staff on-board. Paris, the French capital and Madrid, the Spanish capital are both on the network. Moreover, many important French and Spanish cities are also connected: Montpellier, Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon, Barcelona or Figueres.

Popular journeys and travel durations

Main routesTravel time

Barcelona Lyon 04:59 AU$ 94
Marseille Barcelona 04:17 AU$ 176
Marseille Madrid 07:03 AU$ 240
Barcelona Montpellier 02:55 AU$ 80
Paris Girona 05:44 AU$ 116
Montpellier Aix En Provence Tgv 01:16 AU$ 26
Barcelona Carcassonne 02:22 AU$ 66
Barcelona Nimes 03:27 AU$ 73
Beziers Avignon 01:38 AU$ 36
Avignon Perpignan 02:17 AU$ 26
Perpignan Marseille 03:06 AU$ 46
Toulouse Perpignan 02:17 AU$ 39
Montpellier Girona 02:10 AU$ 61
Nimes Aix En Provence Tgv 00:48 AU$ 26
Aix En Provence Tgv Perpignan 02:39 AU$ 68

Booking and printing options

Booking :
  • France-Spain high speed tickets are open for booking 120 days ahead.
  • Get the lowest prices by booking early and don’t wait until the last minute as cheaper seats sell the fastest.
  • Opt for off-peak trains when you have to travel short notice. They are more affordable than morning and evening trains along with those running on holiday eves, Friday and Sunday afternoon.

Printing option(s) :

Paper ticket

Receive your ticket directly to your address. Just take them with you and you are ready to travel. Shipping fees apply.

Print @ home

Print your ticket anywhere and anytime before your travel. Skip shipping fees.

Printing guide

Seat reservation :
  • Mandatory for this train! The seat reservation is included in the price of your ticket. Please note that seats are auto-allocated by train carriers. Depending on availabilities, carriers will ensure that all passengers of a same party are seated together. Seats can be swapped only once on-board.
  • Pass holders . Book your seat reservation exclusively with Rail Europe.

Experience the service

Before you board

In Paris, the France-Spain high speed trains depart from Paris Gare de Lyon, whereas in Barcelona, the trains depart from Barcelona Sants. Both stations have international signposts.

There are VIP lounges in the railway station of Girona, Madrid and Barcelona, in Spain. First class ticket holders have access to the VIP lounges. Please note that ticket control will take place before boarding in Spain, and on-board from France. Make sure your train tickets are validated.


Classes and facilities offered by France-Spain high speed
First classSecond class
Reclining seats Cosy with more legroom, reclining seats are ideal to enjoy the trip.
Lounges at station in Spain Get the ultimate treat before any trip, or simply an ideal place to continue working.
Bar buffet car Access to the bar buffet car where snacks and beverages can be bought.
Comfortable seats Spacious seats with a headrest and generous legroom.
Power sockets Ideal to plug your laptop, phone or any electronic device from your seat.
Audio system* Listen to your favourite tune while enjoying the passing landscape.
Video screens* Ideal for entertainment, some coaches are equipped with screens.

*only on the Lyon-Barcelona, Marseille-Barcelona-Madrid, and Toulouse-Barcelona routes.


Aside from major cities like Paris, Barcelona or Madrid, which can be visited with the France-Spain high speed trains, other regions are easily accessible. Indeed the train is ideal to discover the Alps, the Provence region and the Midi-Pyréenées.

The Provence region is accessible through the cities of Marseille, Avignon and Aix en Provence. Discover the gentle hills planted with vineyards and fields of lavender form the landscapes that captivated Cézanne, Van Gogh and Chagall. Provence is the ideal place to lose yourself among Roman remains and iconic cities such as Marseille.

The Costa Brava region is made up of over 200 km of coastline. Discover Figueras, birthplace of Salvador Dalí, the genius surrealist painter.

Interactive Rail Map

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  • "Satisfied traveller"

    Excellent way to travel The date was 8th August 2015 that we travelled not May.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Girona to Valence, great trip"

    The train from Girona to Valence was great. Punctual, smooth, clean, quiet. A great way to travel.  
  • "way to go"

    Train was ontime, clean and comfortable. Train was very busy so baggage storage was a bit of a challenge and we got on the wrong part which didn't help. Otherwise all good.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Our Experience"

    Very comfortable and on time.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Great train trip"

    Using printouts of E tickets was a first for me, but there were no problems, the rail staff at Barcelona Sants station were extremely helpful. We were in the first class section, upstairs. The seating was comfortable and once again the on board staff were friendly and helpful. The train was very smooth, the only problem was waiting for oncoming trains on the single track sections which resulted in the train being 35 minutes late. A really enjoyable train journey, I would recommend.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Barcelona to Paris"

    Our trip was very comfortable and the time passed quickly. The carriages were very clean and well appointed; even the windows were clean! I was disappointed that the Pyrenees were such a non-event!! The dining car needs to be bigger with respect to the serving area.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Train comfort"

    Seats were comfortable and the service was as good as could be was a pleasant journey.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "To TGV or not TGV?"

    We had a very comfortable trip from Barcelona to France recently. It was great to have the fours seats together, facing each other for our group. The train was clean, on-time and very comfortable. The only downside was the lack of luggage space for large bags. This required a lot of manual handling by our group as many people disregarded the fact that others needed to store luggage too. More space definitely needs to be allocated. Staff were very helpful and it was great to hear the announcements in multiple languages. I would travel this way again rather than the plane :)    Value for money  Convenience
  • "An excellent way to travel."

    Having never traveled to Europe, I found the ease of service and level of comfort impressive. As an English speaker, I was offered great courtesy as I tried to communicate in both Spain and France, by kind and professional staff. I would recommend your service to anyone.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Barcelona to Narbonne"

    Excellent on time service.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Arrived relaxed and refreshed"

    Loved the journey, nice seats, with an accessible buffet car. although, we were travelling first class and I expected a meal to be included in the fare. Got very excited when the train went over the 300km/hr mark!  
  • "A bit of a scramble."

    Inside the Barcelona Sants station it was difficult to find out exactly where to go. Whilst this may have been due to the fact that it was a Friday afternoon perhaps a help desk might have been of more assistance. The information office simply pointed where we should go but then queues everywhere. It was a real scramble even though we had plenty of time. For retired people with suitcases and hand luggage it was not a very pleasant experience. The actual train journey was fine apart from the fact we had to haul our luggage onto the upper deck.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Relaxing and convenient"

    Our rail trip was easy to book from Australia and the whole experience was positive. I had travelled by rail in Europe before, but even if I hadn't, we had no trouble with the process - staff in Toulouse were very helpful. We travelled first class and would recommend if you want more space and have a lot of luggage.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Nice trip"

    Beautiful scenery. Club car needs a bit of updating though.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Simple and great train travel"

    The journey from Barcelona Sants to Paris Gare Lyon was very easy. The ticketing was straightforward, getting to the station and on the train was simple, and the journey itself was comfortable and pleasant. It gave us a chance to see some countryside and rest as we travelled.    Value for money  Convenience
  • 0 15 30