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As the leading worldwide distributor of European rail products, Rail Europe is the only one-stop-shop for planning and booking European train travel and sightseeing products.

From rail passes to train tickets and reservations, we provide unparalleled access to an extensive array of rail products from over 50 European train companies.

Catering to travelers and travel agents from the Americas, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, and Africa, Rail Europe makes discovering Europe by train easy, seamless, and memorable. Our unique, user-friendly online booking engine makes it easy for travellers to book in their preferred language and currency. Plus, we provide award-winning localized customer care and assistance. We offer support before, during, and after the journey.

Eurostar High Speed Train.

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2 place de la Défense
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Rail Europe

2 place de la Défense
BP 440
92053 Paris La Défense Cedex

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Who we are

RAIL EUROPE SAS is the world-leading European Rail distributor. This year 1.7 million passengers will ride the rails with Rail Europe across the 11,000 routes. Travellers can visit up to 25,000 destinations from Europe’s busy cities to its quiet mountain towns and seaside resorts.

What we do

Rail Europe connects travellers to thousands of destinations across Europe from its network of European rail operators. Major train operators Rail Europe uses includes the London, Paris, Lille, Brussels connection on Eurostar, The French high speed trains TGV and the international TGV Lyria.

Spanish rail operator Renfe with its AVE trains, Italian operator Trenitalia with its Frecciarossa, the German ICE trains, and the red Thalys, which connects Brussels to the Netherlands and France.

How we help

From timetables, to itineraries, city guides to ]country travel advice and maps->rub21], Rail Europe will help you with your trip from start to finish. Travellers will always get the best deal too as Rail Europe only shows real-time availability.

Point to point tickets

For anyone travelling between two cities or from the airport to a city centre and back point to point train tickets are probably the best bet. It is cheaper buying tickets this way if you are only going to a couple of incredible places – for example from Barcelona to Valencia on the Spanish AVE and even if you are travelling from one country to another e.g. Paris to Geneva on the TGV Lyria.

Rail Europe Passes

For travellers who want a bit more flexibility and who are keen to see more sights across Europe, the Rail Europe rail passes are a great option. If you’re just exploring France on the TGV there is the France Rail Pass, or perhaps you want to see Switzerland with the Swiss Rail Pass. For those discovering the diversity of the British Isles the BritRail Pass gives you 30 days to let loose on the rails.

There are many more passes available including two countries such as Denmark-Germany or Portugal-Spain and regional passes like the Scandinavia Pass or the Balkan FlexiPass – take a look to see which pass suits your itinerary best.

For anyone who is visiting a few countries the Eurail Select Pass means you can travel in and around up to 4 bordering countries, while the ultimate pass for unlimited travel to up to 24 countries is the Eurail Global Pass.