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Aachen, discover the old caroligian’s capital!

Aachen, the old city where Charlemagne is burried, is the most western city of Germany, at the frontier between Belgium and Netherlands. It is a 260 000 inhabitants city and it provides a lot of walk and heritage to discover.

About Germany

Welcome to Aachen, a perfect destination to share your time between nature and culture. Staying in Aachen, you have to see the UNESCO listed cathedral, dating back to the 8th century.

It is world-famous to be the sanctuary of Charlemagne, where more than 30 german kings were crowned during some 600 years. Strolling along the streets, you may meet the emblem of Aachen, the Elise’s fountain, dating back from 1827. For game lovers, enjoy the casino, surrounded by a park and housed by the old "new hydrothepeutic cure establishment".

Indeed, Aachen is famous for its warm springs, the warmest at the north of the Alps mountains.

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