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Agen, the french prune’s capital

Located between the neoclassical city of Bordeaux and the famous Toulouse, Agen is in the south of France. World-famous for its prunes, it is situated along the Garonne river, and it offers beautiful landscapes made up with vineyards, hills and valleys.

About France

Agen offers a lot to see. If you come with your kids, head the Wallibi amusement park, with about 20 attractions spread among 30 green hectares.

Feast your eyes with the architectural heritage, having a walk in the Beauville street and its lovely houses, on the Docteur Esquirol square, along the side canal of the Garonne river, or strolling around the Notre Dame du Chapelet tower. Visit the museum of Fine Arts. Do not miss the amazing caves of Fontirou, 20 km away from the city, and dating back to no less than 30 million years!

Around Agen, go to the Prune’s museum in Laffite sur Lot.

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  • Value for money
    Paris to Agen | Ruth b. | 2015/07/30
    "Carriage was very warm - air conditioning didn't seem to be coping. Spent a little more for 1st class, but 2nd class would have been fine for the 4 hour journey. "

  • Value for money
    Comfortable journey | David f. | 2015/05/07
    "It is always a pleasure to travel by train in the country in France. "

  • Value for money
    Paris to Amboise | Geraldine Anne p. | 2014/10/20
    "A very pleasant trip. The whole booking experience was easy over the net and this part of the trip went according to plan "

  • Value for money
    Train Paris to Agen | Trevor d. | 2014/06/05
    "The train was easy to locate at the station and was clean and efficient. The journey went quickly and pleasantly. Food and drink on board was reasonably priced and quite adequate, although you can bring your own. A good way to travel and see the countryside. "

  • Value for money
    TGV is a great way to go | Rosemary g. | 2014/05/15
    "We purchased our tickets via the internet before leaving Australia. That made it so much easier as we were able to time our movements! The TGV is a fast, comfortable easy way to move around France. "

  • Value for money
    Paris to Agen | Heather r. | 2013/10/14
    "We had a very comfortable journey from Paris to Agen. Train travel is smooth, quiet and spacious compared with flying. I much prefer it. "

  • Value for money
    Wonderful city to start at | Hendrik l. | 2013/09/19
    "we left from Agen which is a gem and not nearly highlighted enough. we had never used the vouchers before and didn't know what the endorsement machine looked like. it would be good to have directions for using in the web site. the rail worker at the counter was so kind that he came out and showed us. overly man and exceptional service. e have found all the rail personnel very friendly and helpful and our French is very poor.The journey recedes through some of the most lovely scenery in France.The stop over in Narbonne was very nice as it is a lovely city and the rail lounge is very old and a classic. t is surprising how much better facilities are in France than the UK. "

  • Value for money
    Agen to Paris | Clifford s. | 2013/09/15
    "Twenty-nine years since I last travelled on European trains, and they are still as good as I remember. On time, clean, comfortable and really made the travel easy. Taxis were always available outside stations so this was a convenient way to cross France. I recommend it! Cliff and Maureen, Bendigo, Australia. "

  • ,Agen- Montparnasse | . | 2013/07/31
    "The 1339 TGV on 20 July was late arriving , It was delayed further at Bordeaux extending travel time. The train's refreshment car was a disappointment, Three stars "