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Arras, a northern France hidden gem

Welcome to Arras, a little 42 000 inhabitants town located in the north of France. Besides the agribusiness side of that city, Arras also lives thanks to tourism and can boast about having an interesting cultural heritage.

About France

Let yourself be tempted by the discovering of the amazing cathedral. This building dedicated to Notre-Dame-and-Saint-Vaast had been erected at the end of the 18th century and will surprise you by its appearance of an ancient greek temple.

Then stroll around the UNESCO listed belfry, from the top of this 15th and 16th century tower, you will feast your eyes with the whole city and its countryside around. From the Grand place to the "Place des Héros", admire the baroque style facades lining just for you.

Do not miss the Vauban citadelle, great example of military architecture, and visit the museum of FIne Arts, housed in the magnificent St Vaast abbey.

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Can't get eticket or print ticket I am trying to book tickets Arras to Brugge and also Brugge to The Hague. I can't get eticket or print the tickets.

Elaine S. | 2017/02/24 answered | 5 Comments
What station does the train leave from paris to arras? we are travelling from toulon to paris then onto arras doess it go from the same station in paris

Dee M. | 2015/08/09 answered | 2 Comments
Paris to arras to dover I would like to travel from Paris to Arras to Dover by train. I leave Paris on 8.7.2014 on the TGV at 7.50 am and arrive at Arras. I would like to leave Arras at approx. 6.30 pm and make my way to Dover. Could you help me (...)

Carole M. | 2014/06/27 answered | 0 Comments
Hopping on and off french trains If I have return ticket from Arras to Dunkerque, can I hop on and off the train during the day or do I need separate tickets?

Lynda W. | 2014/06/16 answered | 0 Comments

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