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The ancient cradle that’s still rocking

Hot, passionate and chaotic, at first sight the classical capital of Western civilisation appears to be buried under concrete but further exploration reveals ancient temples, Byzantine churches, neoclassical townhouses and a hedonistic late-night party scene.

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Advanced ticket purchase I am planning to travel from Athens to Budapest commencing in August 2017 arriving early September 2017. Dates are very flexible. Can I buy EuroRail pass now or do I need to wait until October to be within the 11 month validity period? I am (...)

Peter C. | 2016/08/23 answered | 4 Comments
Travel from thessaloniki to athens I want to travel from Thessaloniki to Athens

Stuart E. | 2016/07/10 answered | 0 Comments
Can we travel from budapest to athens by train Would like to catch a train from Budapest to Athens

Brian P. | 2016/06/12 answered | 0 Comments
Travel plan help needed please. Hi, Myself and two girlfriends are travelling throughout Europe Summer of 2016. I am confused with the train system. I know its well and truly in advance but what would be the best option for the following travel, is a train is accessible: (...)

Julia M. | 2015/10/20 answered | 0 Comments
Best way to get from athens to london in 5 to 7 days? Our cruise ends in Athens and we would like to travel from there to London over the space of about a week and want some advice on how to do that and good places to stop over/see on the way!

karen a. | 2015/10/01 answered | 0 Comments

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