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The beauty of Bayeux, untouched by history

Bayeux, it is not only housing a tapestry, it is so much more

Bayeux is a touristic little city located in Normandy, northwestern France. With some 13 000 inhabitants, the town, despite the damages of World War II in the region, can boast about possessing an important cultural and architectural heritage.

About France

Bayeux is world-famous for preserving its precious 11th century tapestry, also called Queen Mathilde Tapestry, which is 70 meters long!

Go to explore it and let you count the history of the conquest of England by William the Conqueror. In the charming centre, do not miss the cathedral Notre Dame of Bayeux, dedicated in 1077 in the presence of William the Conqueror, and embellished during the 13th and 15th century. Head the Battle of Normandy Memorial Museum and discover what happened the days after the terrible battle.

You will also find in Bayeux the largest british military cemetery of France, and the conservatory of lace, aiming for conserving this lacemaker craft tradition.

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Train from bayeux to amiens? Bayeux to Amiens on 22 Sept

Cecilia H. | 2017/01/21 answered | 3 Comments
How long are the train trips from bayeux to blois, from blois to nimes, and from nimes to anency? Would like to travel France completely by train. Thinking of taking the train from Paris to Bayeux and to make numerous smaller train trips in Normandy using Bayeux as a base. Next we would like to visit the Loire Valley , basing our day trips (...)

theresa p. | 2016/04/26 answered | 0 Comments
Can we get from paris to bayeux by train on a saturday evening around 6:00pm? what is the best way to get from paris to bayeux on (...) Is there a train that goes from Paris to Caen, Caen to Bayeux on a Saturday evening?

Jillian B. | 2016/02/09 answered | 0 Comments
Train journey from paris to bayeux via giverny [i]Dear Sir/Madam,[/i] [i][/i] [i]My wife and I are planning to travel from Paris to Bayeux on September 25th September 2015. [/i] [i]We plan to return to Paris from Bayeux on September 29th 2015.[/i] [i][/i] [i]Can you please confirm when we (...)

Craig M. | 2015/04/25 answered | 2 Comments
Arriving paris charles de gaulle (cdg) 24/04/2015 to amiens and bayeux back to paris which train rec 2 adult arriving Paris 24th April 2015 09.00am then plan to travel to Amiens for Anzac Day service 26th April 2015 want to travel from Amiens to Bayeux for Normandy tour 28th April travel from Bayeux back to paris city to Hotel please recommend (...)

brett n. | 2014/11/27 answered | 0 Comments

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  • Value for money
    super quick and efficient | Kathleen c. | 2015/07/02
    "it is only 16 minutes on the train from Caen to Bayeux but it was a very easy experience and economical "

  • Value for money
    journey 1 | Ian j. | 2015/06/12
    "Train was on time, help at station good and trip very good. Carrying luggage was no problem. "

  • Value for money
    Quick, Comfortable and conveni | Ian d. | 2015/05/31
    "We made a day trip from Paris to Normandy using the train and could not be happier, it was comfortable, quick and saved us a lot of tme and money - "

  • Value for money
    Great service. | James f. | 2015/04/30
    "The E-Ticket I printed at home was simply scanned by the Conductor on the train. No need to go to a ticket office. It worked well. Train was clean, comfortable, plenty of room for luggage and was on time leaving and arriving at my destination. Excellent service. "

  • Value for money
    Great way to get around France | Jennifer a. | 2015/04/16
    "I found that booking a first class ticket on this route was worth it. The seating was most comfortable. "

  • Value for money
    Great way to see France | Robyn p. | 2013/10/08
    "Our trip by train from Paris St Lazarre to Bayeux was very easy. The station was orderly and easy to work our way through given that we are not fluent French speakers. The train was clean and comforatblae and the whole experience was positive. Had we known there were additional luggage racks mid-carriage even our little headache with travelling with 4 pieces of luggage would have disappeared. We had chosen the Print tickets at home option for the convenience of printing and re-printing from a pdf or email link while travelling. While no-one actually checked our tickets at all throughout this trip I was less comfortable with this option...the print quality of the tickets may not provide a workable scanned barcode. This happened later in our travels and next time, although they are 'old school' I will have paper tickets sent instead. "

  • Value for money
    Great comfort and value | Wendy d. | 2013/09/30
    "The trip was only a couple of hours. Safe, comfortable, clean and on time. Great value for money. Beats driving hands down. "